Thomas Edison's Life

By CB14348
  • Thomas Edison is born.

    Thomas Edison is born.
    Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11, 1847. His parents were Sam Edison Jr. and Nancy Elliott.
  • Thomas starts chemistry.

    Thomas starts chemistry.
    In 1859, Thomas took a job selling candy and newspapers on the Grand Trunk Railroad. In the baggage car he set up a printing press and a laboratory to do chemistry.
  • Thomas learns railroad telegraphy.

    Thomas learns railroad telegraphy.
    In 1862, Thomas rescued a three-year-old from a track where a boxcar was about to roll into him. In return, the grateful father, J. U. MacKenzie, taught Thomas railroad telegraphy. Later that year he took a job as a telegraph operator in Port Huron.
  • Thomas patents his first invention.

    Thomas patents his first invention.
    In 1868, Thomas became a telegraph operator in the main Western Union office in Boston and files his first patent application for an automatic vote recorder.
  • Thomas Edison marries Mary Stillwell.

    Thomas Edison marries Mary Stillwell.
    On Christmas day, in 1871, Thomas marries Mary Stillwell, one of his employees.
  • Thomas invents the light bulb.

    In 1879, Thomas invented the carbon-filament lamp and a direct-current generator for incandescent electric lighting.
  • Thomas marriers Mina Miller.

    Thomas marriers Mina Miller.
    In 1886, two years after his former wife died, Thomas married Mina Miller.
  • Thomas Edison dies.

    Edison dies in Llewellyn Park, New Jersey, on October 18. The nation dims its light bulbs for one minute on the day of his funeral.