Thomas e

Thomas Alva Edison

  • Birth of Thomas Edison

    Birth of Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison was born on February 11 1847. He lived in Milan Ohio. He was the senventh child of his family. His surviving brother and sisters were much old than him.
  • Started School

    Started School
    Thomas Edison started school at the age of 8 but kicked out of school because he was always asking questions. His mom taught him after that he started school late because of his Scarlet fever.
  • Thomas Edison got a job

    Thomas Edison got a job
    Thomas Edison got a job as a train boy on the Grand Trunk Railroad,
  • Vote recorder invented!

    Vote recorder invented!
    Thomas Edison invented the vote recorder.
  • Stock Printer Invented

    Stock Printer Invented
    Thomas Edison invented the stock printer.
  • Marriage

    Thomas Edison got married to Mary Stilwill and had 3 childrens. They are named Marion Estelle Edison, Thomas Edison jr, and William Leslie Edison.
  • Anthoner Thomas Edison creations!

    Anthoner Thomas Edison creations!
    Thomas Edisons favourite inventions was phonograph peple.
  • Light Bulb Invented!

    Light Bulb Invented!
    Thomas Edison created the light bulb.
  • Wife Dies

    Wife Dies
    On 1884 Thomas Edison's wife dies.
  • Thomas Edison gets married again!

    Thomas Edison gets married again!
    Thomas Edison remarried Mina Miller. She was 19 years old and had 3 childrens. Their names are Madeline Edison, Charles Edison and Theodore Edison.
  • New laboratory

    New laboratory
    Thmoas Edison moved into a laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey.
  • Matteucci Medal

    Matteucci Medal
    Thomas Edison won a Matteucci mendal.
  • Thomas Edisons fathers dealth

    Thomas Edisons fathers dealth
    Thomas Edisons father died in 1896 in Ontario Canada.
  • Storage Battery Invented!

    Storage Battery Invented!
    Thomas Edison invented a storage battery.
  • Thomas Edisons

    Thomas Edisons
    Thomas Edison died in a coma. He fell in to a coma on October 14 1931 and died on October 18 1931.