the most dangerous game

  • on his yatch

    him n his friend talked about the island being haunted
  • fell off boat

    he fell off boat because he heard a sound
  • swam to island

    he swam to the shore of the island and heard a pistol, he saw lights and was sure he had found a village
  • meet with General

    he is met with the General who takes him in and gives him a place to stay
  • they eat dinner together

    during dinner General discuses his love for hunting and that he now hunts humans
  • Period: to

    dangerous game

  • in the morning

    General makes Rainsford go hunting but then gets told he is now going to be getting hunted and he doesn't have a choice
  • General falls into the trap pit

    Rainsford makes a pit to lead General into and he falls into it and tells him he will be back tmr
  • he begins the hunting game and must hide