Theodor Seuss Geisel

  • Theodor Was Born

    Theodor Was Born
    Theodor was born in Springfield, Mass.
  • Period: to

    Dr. Seuss

  • Joined the Army

    Joined the Army
    He accepted the offer and was assigned to Fort Fox, the armys insturcational film unit based in Hollywood. He worked with people who made up the famous characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
  • Academy Award

    He got an award for his film Hitler lives.
  • Academy Award

    He also won an award for his documentary on Japan
  • Beginning of Children Book

    Beginning of Children Book
    A writer for Life magizine criticized one of Dr. Seuss' books and the guy said he would be better suited for kids. And he took it seriously and wrote Cat in the Hat.
  • Wife Died

    His first wife died. And later after he married a long time friend
  • 5 Year Battle

    5 Year Battle
    He went through a 5 year battle of dealing with glaucoma, cataracts, and transient blindness as the condition waxed and waned and Ted underwent numerous surgeries he still managed to tell what colors he wanted for the books he was going to publish,
  • Dental Appointment

    As he was at a rountine dental appointment they found a small lesion on the base of his tounge due to smoking and drinking. He had to unger go many surgeries and his illness continued to get worse.
  • Cancer Worsened

    Cancer Worsened
    He told the world about him heading to a dangerous spot in his life and he wrote a book called "The Butter Battle Book"
  • Theodor Died

    Theodor Died
    He died in La Jolia, Calif.