Thedor Seuss Geisel

  • Theodor Seuss Geisel born

    He born in Massachussets the second of September of 1904. His faher work in a forest park in Spriengfield. And he had Two sisters.
  • Period: to


  • He started the chool

    He went to a High school
  • He enter to Oxford

    Theodor enters to oxford to study the PHD oin literature. He met helen.
  • Period: to

    Oxford and he get married

  • He get married with Helen

  • He writed his first book

  • Period: to

    His professional carrer

  • Second Mundial War

    In 1942, Dr. Seuss turned his energies to direct support to the efforts of the United States before the war.
  • Second Munidial War

    in 1943, joined the armed forces and was commander of the Animation Department of the First Film Unit of the Armed Forces of the United States.
  • He did a very short film

    He did a very short film about Europe before de ware.
  • He wined his first award

    He win a award doin the best documentla in 1947
  • He wined his second award

    He winned his second award doing a very funny short film
  • Critics

    The magazine life did a report about Theodore biagraphy and this magazine did a request for childrens about the books of Seuss and the result were tha their books a very boring to read
  • Helen Palmer Geisel died

    He suicided the 23th of october in 1967
  • Theodor second married

    He married with Audrey Stone Dimond.
  • Theodore Seuss Geisel died

    Theothore died 24th of septermber in 1991