The Young Man and the Sea

Timeline created by jac_and_cheese55
  • Death

    Skiffy's mother is dead and his father has been grieving on the couch and is too sad to get up
  • Capsized

    The Mary Rose has capsized on the dock and the damage could be detrimental.
  • Rebuilding

    Mr. Woodwell originally built the Mary Rose and has given Skiffy the tools to rebuild the Mary Rose… they put up barrels to keep the boat afloat
  • Floorboarding

    Skiffy works hard to repair the floorboards on the Mary rose...however, some water worms bit Skiffy.
  • Engine damage

    Engine damage
    A repairman comes out to check the engine damage. An engine in saltwater is a recipe for disaster and the cost is 5 grand to fix.
  • Skiffy's idea

    Skiffy's idea
    Skiffy has sparked a new idea to put out lobster traps and sell lobsters to earn the money for the boat repair.
  • Preparation

    Skiffy gathers lots of bait and gets lots of traps to gain his lobstering fortune. he puts out his traps in hopes of catching lobsters galore.
  • Something smells Fishy

    Something smells Fishy
    Skiffy finds less traps than he put out and most traps are empty. Could there be a trap cutter???
  • The confrontation

    The confrontation
    Skiffy meets his arch nemesis...TYLER CROFT! Tyler justifies his theory with his teasing and mocking.
  • In a Pickle

    In a Pickle
    Skiffy is devastated that all his hard work is gone and he is working hard to find another way to catch a big fish
  • To cap'n keelson

    To cap'n keelson
    Skiffy bops on down to captain Keelson to talk about what is going on and how to repair the engine.
  • One big fish

    One big fish
    Skiffy finds a big boat that doesn't appear to be the Fin Chaser and it has a giant fish that sold for nearly 50 grand. this sparks and idea in skiffy that if he too can catch a sizeable such as that then he can use the money to repair the Mary Rose
  • Preparing for Battle

    Preparing for Battle
    Skiffy Loads up all the bare necessities for catching the most giant tuna
  • Sneaky Ninja

    Sneaky Ninja
    Skiffy sneaks into Mr. Woodwell's shed to retrieve a harpoon to hook a monster fish
  • Skiffy's rules

    Skiffy's rules
    while Skiffy is out and about on his skiff, he remembers his three rules, one, think smart. two, speak true. three, never give up.
  • Dead motor

    Dead motor
    Skiffy's motor is not working and Skiffy is in THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!
  • Chumming for fish

    Chumming for fish
    Skiffy puts out fish chum to attract little fish that then draw the big ones.
  • Fish swim away

    Fish swim away
    SKiffy's chum has run out and he has no idea what to do about it
  • More than a splash

    More than a splash
    Skiffy is awake and ready to rumble when hears a giant tuna

    Skiffy hears a foghorn and doesn't know whether or not he will get squashed
  • Vulture fish

    Vulture fish
    Skiffy is being circled by the bluefin tuna, outright stunned.
  • FISH ON!

    FISH ON!
    Skiffy hooks the fish with his harpoon but hooking a fish this big could be dangerous...

    The line gets caught around Skiffy's arm and he is submerged in cold water.
  • Safety deception

    Safety deception
    SKiffy makes it to safety on his boat and assumes the fish escaped but then feels some slight tugging
  • Rowing

    The fish eventually gives out and if Skiffy really wants the big fish, he must row to home. SKiffy, with all his might, rows all the way home.
  • Recovery

    Skiffy is eventually picked up in a boat with none other than Jack croft. His tuna breaks records and all turns out well to end the story on a high note.