The World at War

By bfodor
  • Adolf Hitler

    Killed over 6 Million Jews in the holocaust and created a massive genocide against them and took control of certain counters in europe.
  • Bentito Mussilini

    Fought alongside Adolf Hitler in any war against democracy
  • Merchant Marines

    Provided materials and suplies to the Military, in world war 2, 3.1 million tons of merchant ships were lost and had the highest rate of causalities.
  • Hideki Tojo

    Was directly responsible for the attack on pearl harbor.
  • Flying Tigers

    Most recognizable image of any individual combat aircraft or combat in World War 2.
  • Navajo Code talkers

    Their service improved the speed of encryption of communication at both end in front line operations during World War 2.
  • Executive Order of 9066

    Gave the U.S. authority to hold certain people in internment camps based on their ancestry.
  • Bataan Death March

    Big event in american and Fillipino history, was also a big loss and biggest surrender in american history.
  • Office of Information

    OWI was the connection between the battlefront and civilian communties.
  • Battle of Midway

    Was the turning point in the Pacfic War. Stopped Japanese Advancement.
  • Manhattan Project

    Maintained control over american atomic weapons.
  • George S. Patton

    Comanded the Seventh United States Army , and later the third United states Army, in the European theatre or World War 2.
  • D- day Invasion

    Without D-day , Adolf hitler would have deployed many more divsions to resist the red army. He would have had more time to devlop, nd delpoy, his modern weapon of terror.
  • Koremastu V. U.S.

    Allowed for detainees to be held without the right of a trial.
  • Omar Bradely

    Was the most senior commander of Ameircan ground troops in europe from the time of D-day to the surrender of the Germans after the battle of Berlin.
  • Vernon Baker

    Awarded meal for his actions of being a United States Army.
  • Harry Truman

    He ended World War 2 and started The Cold War.
  • The Holocaust

    6 million jews died not includiing soliders and civilians , many countries were taken over and occupied , and out of it came Israel.
  • The Atomic Bomb

    The atomic Bomb ended the World War 2 and brought about the surrender of Japan.
  • Postdam Conference

    Stalin, Churchill, and Truman gathered to decide how to administer punishment to the defeated Nazi Germany.
  • Hiroshima and Nagaski

    Scraed Japan into Surrendering , and Demostrated to the world that the U.S. was a superpower.
  • Nuremberg Trials

    Prosecution of prominent members of the political , Military, and Ecomnomic leadership of Nazi Germany.
  • DWight D. Eisenhower

    He did so much for the Ameircan economy and political system than many of the other presidents and more so than some of those that followed him.