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The Victorians, the Edwardians and their Great Inventions

By Gormero
  • Electric battery

    Electric battery
    A.k.a. the »voltaic pile«
    Inventor: Alessandro Volta
    »Building on Galvani's 1780s discovery of how a circuit of two metals and a frog's leg can cause the frog's leg to respond« (wikipedia)
    Luigi Galvani was born to Domenico and Barbara Foschi in Bologna, Italy. His father, Domenico, was a goldsmith and his mother Barbara, was Domenico's fourth wife. His family was not aristoRead more ...
  • The first typewriter

    The first typewriter
  • Period: to

    The Victorian Era

    Queen Victoria reigned and the British Empire flourished.
    Also, this was a period of much technological advancement. Wikipedia
  • The fax machine

  • The washing machine

  • Dynamite

  • Toilet paper

    Toilet paper
    People have probably used some sort of sanitary towels for ages, but it was in 1880 that The British Perforated Paper Company began selling toilet paper. Here's a not very authoritative source
  • Automobile

  • Period: to

    Edwardian Era

  • The lie detector

  • Mass produced automobile

    Mass produced automobile
    According to one wikipedia source the first mass production of an »affordable automobile« was that of the Oldsmobile by Ransom Olds at his factory in Lansing, Michigan in the United States.
  • The first bra

    The first bra