The Timeline of Jazz

  • Ragtime started

    Ragtime started
    First 'pre-jazz' : Ragtime started in 1890. Scott Joplin is the most famous ragtime composer.
  • Jazz started

    Jazz started
    Jazz started in New Orleans, Louisiana around 1900
  • Blues started

    Blues started
    Blues started on 1900. W.C. Handy is the father of blues. Usually sadder, melancholy. Slower: Andante to Moderato. Uses Minor blues Scale
  • Louis Armstrong born.

    Louis Armstrong born.
    Louis Armstrong, born 1901, New Orleans.
  • Dixieland started popular.

    Dixieland started popular.
    Dixieland, the first style of Jazz. Popular in the 1920's- the roaring 20's. Music described as fun and energatic. Bands usually 7-8 musicians.
  • Louis Armstrong died

    Louis Armstrong died
    The Louis Armstrong nickname is "Satchmo"
    Scat singing: nonsense syllables instead of words.