The Timeline of Corporal Parr

  • Birth

    John William Wilton McDonnell Parr was born in Darjeeling, India on this day. Details on his life between his birth and his marriage is unknown. He attended Dover College in England. He also had 2 brothers and 1 sister.
  • Marriage

    Got married to Mrs. Calla Leslie Parr
  • Daughter, Calla Moira was Born

    **Exact date of birth was not provided, her age was 6 months at the time of his enlistment on February 21st, 1940
  • Enlistment

    Enlisted at Victoria, BC to Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
  • Halifax

    Began to start official service as part of the Canadian army
  • Liverpool

    Disembarkment at Liverpool, England
  • Promoted to Corporal

    Promoted to Corporal from Private
  • Disembarkment overseas

    Stationed overseas, when he went back to Canada is unknown.
  • Awarded Cdn/Vol Ser Medal & Clasp

  • Killed in action

    Killed in Action in a field in France.