The time of the cold war

By tulio
  • Artistic and Literary Trends

    Artistic and Literary Trends
    Many people lived many horrors after ww I. Many artists created paintings and books taht were surrealistic and that explored the unconcious
  • Period: to

    Before the War

  • Mass Culture: Radio and Movies

    Mass Culture: Radio and Movies
    The mass production of radios began in England and US , also many movies were made during 1930s and 1940s.The goverment used the movies and the redio to politic propaganda
  • More Goods,More Leisure

    More goods fro the people were avaliable so more people could use them.Mass leisure offered ways to control the people.
  • Mobilization of people:Germany

    Mobilization of people:Germany
    to keep the morale of the civilians Hitler din¨t ct the consumer godds and he didn¨t increase the production of armies until US entered the war.In 1944 Schools and theatters were closed
  • Mobilization of People

    Economic mobilization during the wwII was more extensivethan in wwI, also the mobilization of people was more, i will cosider 4 countries.
  • Bombing of Cities

    Bombing of Cities
    The bombing was used to make the home front dangerous for the civilians, the bombers thougth that this was a way to force a govement to make peace.
  • Period: to

    The Cold War

  • Female Function in Second World War

    Female Function in Second World War
    Women participated in the first years of the war as cookers,messengers, operators etc.As the war advanced they worked in coast artillery , torpedo services etc.
  • Bombing of Cities: Britain

    Bombing of Cities: Britain
    The Germanys bombed London to decrease the moral of the londoners, but the londoners moral increased,many civilians were killed.
  • Mobilization of people:US

    Mobilization of people:US
    in the wwII US was the biggest weapon producer, the economy in the country increased,also many men and women were enrolled in the military service.
  • The Atomic Bomb

    The Atomic Bomb
    The Manhattan Project was the project that produced the first atomic bomb, after a test explosion the first bomb was exploded in the city of Hiroshima , another was exploded in Nagasaki
  • Bombing of Cities:Germany

    Bombing of Cities:Germany
    Britain takerevenge from the Germanys by bombing Cologne, then in 1945 they bombed the city of Dresden that was almost destroyed.The industry was not very affected.
  • Mobilization of people: USSR

    Mobilization of people: USSR
    Many drastic emergency measures were taken, with the advance of Germany many factories were dismmanteled.Soviet women worked in industries and railroads.
  • Mobilization of people:Japan

    Mobilization of people:Japan
    The goverment created a system to control all resources,Some values as obedience were used to encourage the population.The last year of war many soldiers died in suicide missions.
  • Tehran Conference

    Tehran Conference
    Stalin,Roosevelt and Churchill met in Tehran to decide the final assault over Germany and to discuss a invasion to France.
  • The Yalta Conference

    The Yalta Conference
    The USSR,US and England leaders met in Yalta to discuss things as the creation of the United Nations and to divide Germany after the defeat of it
  • The Postdam Conference

    The Postdam Conference
    In This Conference Roosevelt has died and was replaced by Truman.Truman demanded elections across Eastern Europe, but Stalin(USSR leader) denied.In that conference the 3 agree to take nazi leaders to trials.
  • Bombing of Cities:Japan

    Bombing of Cities:Japan
    Because of the bombings, many japanese industries were destroyed,but the war in Japan ended when the US air force dropped the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima, 140,0000 persons died
  • A New Struggle

    A New Struggle
    The wwII was in the past, but the tensions between the west and the USSR were growing,in a speech British prime minister Churchill declared that an iron curtain descended across Europe
  • Rivalry in Europe

    Eastern europe was the first area of disagrement. US belived that the liberated countries should vote for a president, but the USSR didn¨t think that way,A civil war in Greece make the things worst
  • Peace and New War

    After the defeat of Germany , there was no real peace ,the Cold War as it was called.It was a period of political tensions between the US and USSR
  • Confrontation of the Superpowers

    Confrontation of the Superpowers
    After wwII the differences between US and the USSR were very clear, US still feared the communism of the USSR and the USSR feared the capitalist. Soon both countries became rivals.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    alarmed by the soviet expansion the presindent of EU Harry S Truman responded with the Truman Doctrine, that stated That EU would provide money to countries threatened by the communist
  • Marshall plan

    Marshall plan
    This plan proposed by General Marshall said that communism was succesful in countries with low economy, Marshal proposed to give money to european countries with low economy, llike Greece.
  • Division of Germany

    Division of Germany
    after the wwII germany was divided in 4 zones ,each zone was given to an ally , but by 1948 US,England an France wanted to create a west Germany, so the USSR created a east Germany too
  • Spread of the Cold War

    Spread of the Cold War
    In 1949 the USSR exploded their first atomic bomb, in the same year the communists took control over Chinese goverments.US and USSR started to built more nuclear weapons to protect themeselves
  • Arms Race

    Arms Race
    The cold war was a game in wich the winner was the one that had more nuclear weapons. The US and the USSR spended a lot of money in nuclear weapons because both wanted to win
  • Enviromental Problems and Landscape Changes.

    Enviromental Problems and Landscape Changes.
    After ww II Human kind started to take out many of the natural resources of Earth, the fabrics that used coal as fuel started to pollute the enviroment, the soil started to deteriorate this was the price of development.
  • War Industry in Times of Peace

    War Industry in Times of Peace
    One example of this thing is that the nuclear energy was used first for the atomic bomb and then for nuclear energy, but many of the money was used to sustain the armies or made new weapons
  • Demographic and Urban Transformation

    Demographic and Urban Transformation
    US received many immigrants from european and from the Caribbean,.Also the cities growth and some cities were renovated because of the new people that were migrating to the cities.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    This war started because US believed that if the communist Vietcong won the war ,the rest of Asia would fall into the communism.This theory was proved wrong when the Vietcong won.
  • Contrast between Wealthy and Poverty

    Contrast between Wealthy and Poverty
    The people in the US lived very well , but in other countries like the African ones the people didn¨t have a house, is the same thing today
  • New Millitary Alliances

    New Millitary Alliances
    During the cold war many alliances were made, the NATO was conformed bu US,England,France ,Canada etc.USSR made the same with the Warsaw pact, this alliances were made to prevent an attack
  • Diversity of Ideas

    Diversity of Ideas
    The exxistentialist was a pacifist movement that started in US.Also Ghandi was a reprensentant of the pacifist movemnt in India.There were other many pacifist and ecologist movements
  • The Wall of Berlin

    The Wall of Berlin
    The USSR wanted to stop the east germans of fleein through west Germany,so in 1961 the East German goverment started to construct one of the world famous monument: The Wall of Berlin
  • UNESCO and Traditional Music

    UNESCO and Traditional Music
    The UNESCO tried to conservate the cultural heritage , the tradirional Music is one of them, many specialists of the UNESCO have many recording of dances,scores and traditional instruments.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    In 1962 president Kennedy discovered Soviet ships with nuclear missiles heading through Cuba.Inmediatly he blockeade Cuba and demanded that the nuclear missiles in the Island were dissambled.At final the USSR accepted the terms of Kennedy