The telephone evolution

Timeline created by vg.
  • The first telephone.

    The first telephone.
    In March 1876, the first telephone, also known as "talking telegraph", was invented by accident by the Scottish Alexander Graham Bell. It is considered one of the greatest advances in technology.
  • Hand Cranked Wall

    Hand Cranked Wall
    Depending on the number of rings, the call was from one person or another.
    It was typical in rural areas.
  • Candle-stick rotary dial phone.

    Candle-stick rotary dial phone.
    They were composed by a transmitter ( where you talk) and a receiver ( you had to hold it to ear).
    They were used until 1920's.
  • Touch tone pad phone

    Touch tone pad phone
    A keypad was installed thanks to the 1950s research by Richard Deininger.
    this pad also appears in calculators and numeriv pads.
  • Cordless phone

    Cordless phone
    The hanset is portable.
    The base in connected to the telephone network.
  • Cellular phone.

    Cellular phone.
    It was a portable phone.
    The prototipe was designed in 1973 athought it was started to be used in 1983.
    It weighted a lot and was not comfortable to carry.
  • Nokia

    Nokia launched for sale a new type of phone.
    It was small but very practical.
    People loved its designed.
  • Smartphone

    It is an intelligent phone.
    It has internet conection and touch screen.
    Apart from doing calls, it has many other benefits.