The Telephone

By marviii
  • Invention of the Telephone

    Invention of the Telephone
    The telephone was invented n 1854 by the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci. He built it to connect his office with his dormitory so that he could talk with his wife that was immobilized due to sickness. The device could transmit acoustic signals making use of electric signals. Meucci didn't have the money to patent the invention, so his discovery was never recognized until the U.S. Congress acknowledged him as the legitimate inventor of the telephone.
  • The first patent for the telephone

    The first patent for the telephone
    In March 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. Before coming to the U.S., Bell worked with his father, Melville Bell; Melville was the inventor of Visible Speech. When the Bell family moved to Boston, Alexander became very interested in transmitting speech over wires. With the help of a machine shop employee, Bell developed a prototype. Three days after filing the patent, the first intelligible message was carried by the telephone.
  • First transatlantic phone service

    First transatlantic phone service
    The first official transatlantic phone call took place in 1927. The President of America's AT&T company and the head of the British General Phone Office were the ones participating in such an important advance in communication. Instead of being transmitted through wires, the call was transmitted by radio waves. The two parts shared statements on the importance of such improvement. This would facilitate business and personal-related communication.
  • First wireless call

    First wireless call
    The first wireless call was made in 1973 by a Motorola engineer. In the years following this breakthrough, the first mobile phone models were developed, which could hold a conversation for up to 30 minutes. From then on, especially in the 1990s, many brands began to market these products. Some were compact with a protective cover, while others began to incorporate color screens.