The Telegraph

By pdow
  • First Telegraph

    First Telegraph
    First telegraph in Bavaria. Samuel Soemmering. Used 35 wires with gold electrodes in water. Detection at distant end 2000 feet away was by the amount of gas caused by electrolysis.
  • Charles Wheatstone patents "electric telegraph"

  • Samuel demonstrates the Morse Code

    Samuel Morse demonstrates "Morse code" -- but this is the old version, where a number is assigned to each possible word. Alfred Vail helps him later with a "variable-length letter code".
  • first across seas telegraph

    General Oceanic telegraph Co. registered in NYC to link Europe and North America.
  • The Morse Printer is invented

    The Morse Printer is invented
  • England to France telegraph line fails

    England to France telegraph cable goes into service -- and fails after 8 days.

    David Hughes, a music professor in Kentucky uses a vibrating spring tuned to a specific pitch to synchronize the sending and receiving teleprinter with use a code invented by him.
  • New Alphabet

    Baudot's 5 unit code forms the basis for the european standard CCITT International Telegraph Alphabet No. 1
  • the first commercial telegraph

    The Postal Telegraph purchased the first commercial Morkrum equipment. In 1912, Western Union (having split from Western Electric) purchased the same device. Although these M10 units were mechanically successful, none were commercially successful until 1925.

    The Morkrum & Kleinschmidt Companies merged to form the Morkrum-Kleinschmidt Company.
  • success

    the merge was succsesful and was worth millions of dollars
  • Aftermath

    All that is left of the Bell System and Teletype Corporation is what is in the history books and in our memories. Approximately 12,000 Teletype machines world wide still exist in the hands of third world countries, amateur radio operators and collectors.