The teaching of English in the past 114 years.

  • Jan 1, 1492

    Taínos y Caribes

    Taínos y Caribes
    Bilingualism existed before that Cristobal Colón came to Puerto Rico. The Taino Indians and Caribs were conversing with each other.
  • Nov 19, 1493

    The discovery of Puerto Rico

    The discovery of Puerto Rico
    Our Indian, and Spanish colonizers used interpreters to communicate. That is, that already there was communication between peoples of different languages.
  • 1898-1900

    Establishes that the teachers of Puerto Rico must learn English.
  • 1900

    The Department of Public Instruction is created
  • Educational policy 1900-1902

    Educational policy 1900-1902
    Elementary grades will teach all classes in Spanish and English will be a special subject. High School will teach in English and Spanish will be a Special Subject.
  • 1902-1904

    Increased the use of English in schools with the idea of making it the official language of Puerto Rico schools
  • The Spanish shall be deleted

    The Spanish shall be deleted
    English is used as a medium of instruction at all levels of the school system
  • Spanish

    The use of the Spanish enters first grade for the clases of reading, hygiene and health
  • It introduces a Bill

    It introduces a Bill
    Make compulsory the teaching of the Spanish
  • New learning

    New learning
    Sets the Spanish as a vehicle of education from first to fourth. Fifth was used up to high school English in half of the classes
  • Continues the controversy Linguistics and politics

    Continues the controversy Linguistics and politics
    First world war. awarded the citizenship to Puerto Ricans.
  • Juan B. Huyke

    Juan B. Huyke
    Commissioner of education. More emphasis on the use of English
  • José M. Gallardo

    José M. Gallardo
    Was appointed as a Commissioner of education
  • Wins the spanish

    Wins the spanish
    Spanish education up to sixth grade, and English as a subject.
  • Spanish

    Spanish up to ninth.
  • Dr. Mariano Villaronga

    Dr. Mariano Villaronga
    It puts an end to the debate of bilingualism decreeing the teaching of the Spanish at all levels.
  • President Johnson

    President Johnson
    Sign the bilingual education Act
  • Solicit funds

    Solicit funds
    The Department of education and some universities solicit funds for the needs of the students returning from the United States. This is know as Bilingual education.
  • PPD

    Implanted project bilingual in fPadre Rufu and Juan XXlll schools. Bilingual Certification Act is signed.
  • Bilingual proyect

    Bilingual proyect
    United States congress autorizes that bilingual proyects are remain focused to teach those students who return to PR from US.
  • Carlos Romero Barceló

    Carlos Romero Barceló
    Bilingual education is not considered a "Program"
  • Rafael Hernández Colón

    Rafael Hernández Colón
    Three universities are assigned projects of English as a second language.
  • Spanish Only legislation is approved

    Spanish Only legislation is approved
  • José Arsenio Torres

    José Arsenio Torres
    Bilingual education projects are again autonomous. A Director is appointed to lead bilingual education program.
  • New Program

    New Program
    English inmersion program may their way into puertorrican schools under the proyect to create a bilingual citizen.
  • No child left behind act

    No child left behind act
  • BEC 21

    BEC 21
    103 publics schools in Puerto Rico offer a bilingual curriculum in science and math. Schools are being remodeled and teachers trained in a bilingual certification.