The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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    Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield went for a normal walk, in which Mr. Enfield tells Mr. Utterson how one day he returned home and witnessed a terrible incident - a little girl ran down the street and was trampled by Mr. Hyde who left her screaming on the ground. After trampling the girl he gave the family a check in Dr. Jekyll name.
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    Dr. Jekyll's will is in Mr. Utterson's control. In the will it is written that Mr. Jekyll bequeaths everything to Mr. Hyde, thing that causes Mr. Utterson a great deal of stress. Dr. Lanyon is an introduced friend of Mr. Utterson and My. Jekyll.
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    Mr. Utterson knocks on the door under pressure and waits for Mr. Hyde, when he finally opens he sees the concern on Mr. Enfield's face. He comes to visit Mr. Jekyll but he wasn’t at home,
    so Mr. Utterson starts talking with the servants, especially Poole.
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    Dr. Jekyll is having dinner with friends including Mr. Otterson. Mr. Otterson takes Dr. Jekyll to the Conversation and asks why Mr. Hyde is the beneficiary of the will. Dr. Jekyll avoids answering where he knows Mr. Hyde. Mr. Uterson said he would agree to let Mr. Hyde the will only if Dr. Jekyll will disappear.
  • 5

    It's October, a year later. Maid in window sees murder in the street below. One man beat another to death with a cane. Utterson was called in to help identify the body, it's Mr. Danvers Carew. On the body is a note to Mr. Utterson that sends him to Hyde's house, there he finds a damaged house with half of the murder cane (belonging to Jekyll) and a burned checkbook (like Jekyll's).
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    After arriving at Hyde's home Mr. Utterson discovers Jekyll's connection to Hyde. The letter was from Hyde to Utterson in Hyde's handwriting. The handwriting is the same as Jekyll, the letter said not be afraid because Hyde has means of escape.
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    Utterson sees that Jekyll has become much more confused. Utterson goes to visit Leinon who is deathly sick and seemingly crazy, and hears about many reactions. Lanyon dies soon after. Utterson begins to feel overwhelmed with the letter he is supposed to open only after the Jekyll message disappears.
  • 8

    Paul visits Utterson out of concern for Jekyll ,and Utterson goes to Jekyll's house to check. He heard noise from the laboratory, Utterson suspects Hyde. Utterson and Paul discover that Hyde suicide. They see a closet with lots of examples of potions and papers. They're letters from Jekyll saying he read Lennon's letter and that's his confession.
  • 9

    Dr. Jekyll confesses to the use of drugs that linked him to Mr. Hyde to dr. Lanyon.
  • 10

    All the answers were found, Dr. Jekyll created Hyde to do all the bad things he couldn't do on his own. He wanted to do all these things without anyone noticing. At the end of the story Dr. Jekyll can come back to himself so he disappears.