THE SPACE RACE resourses include google,bing, and fact monster

  • The Challenger takes flight!

    The Challenger takes flight!
    A space shuttle challenger is launched.
  • A woman astronaut?

    A woman astronaut?
    Sally Ride was the first american astronaut on the flight of the sts-7 flight challenger.
  • Everyone can go to space!

    Everyone can go to space!
    The STS-8 Challenger flight introduces Guion S. Bluford, the first African-American astronaut to travel in space.
  • No limits to the space shuttle dicovery

    No limits to the space shuttle dicovery
    First flight of space shuttle Discovery.
  • Atlantis in the air!

    Atlantis in the air!
    First flight of space shuttle Atlantis.
  • Classified infomation

    Classified infomation
    Atlantis deploys a classified satellite for the Department of Defense.
  • Boom!

    Challenger explodes 73 seconds into the flight.
  • Finally

    The first shuttle flight after the Challenger disaster. Discovery launches a satellite.
  • Galileo!

    Atlantis launches the Jupiter-bound Galileo spacecraft.

    April 24–29, 1990
  • Telescope in space?

    Telescope in space?
    Discovery mission launches the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Epic moon walk!

    Epic moon walk!
    Endeavour’s maiden flight and the first 3-person spacewalk.
  • Sergei krikalev

    Sergei krikalev
    Sergei Krikalev becomes the first Russian cosmonaut on a U.S. shuttle mission.
  • Women pilot

    Women pilot
    Eileen Collins becomes the first woman pilot, flying Discovery past the Russian space station Mir.

    Space shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian Mir space station.
  • So close, Not always perfect!

    So close, Not always perfect!
    Fifteen minutes before completing its 28th mission, Columbia breaks up with the loss of all seven crew members.