The Space Race

  • Launch of Sputnik I

    The USSR launches the first man-made satellite into space.
    This paved the way for every space mission that came after it. The USSR is proud and haughty because of it.
  • Dog in Space

    The U.S.S.R. sends a dog into space on Sputnik 2.
    Living things can successfully be sent into orbit. Getting back may be a problem, though.
  • First US Satellite Successfully Launched

    Explorer I becomes the first *US satellite in space.
    The US has caught up to Sputnik I. We are working hard!
  • The Creation of NASA

    The U.S. space program officially begins.
    The U.S. is trying to catch up in the space race. This program gives us the ability to do so.
  • Monkeys in Space

    The first surviving monkeys enter and leave space.
    The animal most similar to humans has survived in space. This would lead people to believe that humans can survive in space.
  • First Man In Space

    Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space.
    This means that humans can survive in orbit. This also means that the USSR has beaten the US once again.
  • First US Man In Space

    Alan Shepard enters space for 15 minutes.
    The US refuses to lose the Space Race and continues to defy Russia.
  • First US man to orbit Earth

    John Glenn orbits the Earth as the first US man to do so.
    The US refuses to give up in the Space Race. The US is catching up.
  • First Woman In Space

    The USSR sends up Valentina Tereshkova as the first woman and civilian to go into space on Sputnic VI.
    The USSR is confident enough with their technology that they are willing to send a woman into space. We are jeleous.
  • First Spacewalk

    Alexei Leonov conducts the first spacewak off Voskhod II.
    The USSR is pulling ahead of the US. They are probably betting on winning the Space Race.
  • First US Spacewalk

    Ed White conducts the first US spacewalk off Gemini IV.
    The US is catching up with the USSR. This is only 3 months after the USSR did the same thing.
  • Gemini VII

    Gemini VII conducts the first space rondevous with Gemini 6A.
    The US is pulling ahead of the USSR. The USSR cannot do this yet.
  • Apollo VIII

    The first spaceflight leaves Earth's orbit.
    The US is ahead of the USSR. The US has almost made it to the moon!
  • First Man On the Moon

    Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first men on the moon.
    The US has won the Space Race. We now have bragging rights over Russia.