The Space Race

  • Sputnick I

    it was the first artificial space probe
  • Period: to

    The Race to Space

  • john gleen

    first us citizen in space
  • Mariner 2

    it was sent to Venus to find verified high temperatures in venu's atmosphere
  • neil Armstorng

    first man on the moon
  • Pioneer 10

    was sent to jupiter to take pictures also was the first probe to encounter an outer plant
  • Viking

    it was sent to mars . orbter maped the surface of mars;lander searched for life on mars
  • Magellan

    it was sent to venus . mapped venus's suface and returned datd on the composition of venus 's atmosphere
  • Galileo

    it was lanched in 1989 and reached jupiter in 1995. it foung the tempachure and purcher