The Shining

  • Job Interview

    Job Interview
    Jack Torrance is being interviewed for a position at The Overlook Hotel by Mr. Ullman, the hotel manager. Jack is applying for the winter caretaker position so he and his family will have a place to stay without having to pay. Due to Jack's history of drinking and abuse which had caused him to lose his previous job, he had little to no choice but to get a job at The Overlook.
  • Tony

    Tony is what Danny's parents refer to as "Danny's imaginary friend". In the beginning of the book before Jack arrives back home from his interview, Tony shows Danny what seems to be a murder scene. He repeats the word "redrum" multiple times, scaring Danny. Tony usually shows Danny good things, but because this picture was different, it causes Danny to question things.
  • Dick Halloran

    Dick Halloran
    Dick is The Overlook Hotel's seasonal cook. He shows the Torrence family around the kitchen. Afterward he asks Danny to help him take his luggage to the car where he tells Danny about "shining' and how Danny and himself could both communicate with each other without having to talk at all. Dick warns Danny about room 217 and says he doesn't think anything Danny will most likely see, can't hurt him.
  • The Scrapbook

    The Scrapbook
    After the Torrence family is left at The Overlook, Danny is shown more murder-like scenes from Tony. Jack begins wondering around the hotel when he finds an old scrapbook in the boiler room. Inside the scrapbook are the past records of the murders and suicides that have happened in the hotel and have been buried deep by the past managers. Jack calls Ullman confronting him about the murders, Ullman denies everything and threatens Jack with termination.
  • Room 217

    Room 217
    After the Torrence family had finally become isolated from the blizzards outside, Danny builds up the courage to go into the infamous room 217. Entering looked normal until he reached the bathroom where he saw the rotting corpse of a woman in the bathtub smiling at him. Danny tries to get out of the room but is too late. The dead woman grabs Danny's neck and chokes him until he is unconscious.
  • The Playground

    The Playground
    Danny goes to the hotel's playground in an attempt to forget about room 217. As he plays in a miniature model of The Overlook, he hears rustling and hurries out only to find that the hedge animals on display had moved and were hunting him. Danny runs and escapes with a torn sock and a scratched leg.
  • Redrum

    In the ballroom bathroom, Danny finds the word Tony had written for him to find on the mirror, reading "redrum" reflected in the glass bowl housing a clock. As he realizes the word spelled backwards is "murder" a man on all fours in a dog costume starts to chase him. Danny screams for Dick Halloran to save him and his family.
  • "Take your medicine"

    "Take your medicine"
    Dick Halloran who heard Danny's cry for help is at The Overlook when Jack strikes him unconscious with a roque mallet, breaking his jaw and teeth. Jack had tried to kill Wendy by beating her, breaking ribs and causing internal bleeding when Wendy stabs Jack in the back with a kitchen knife. Jack is chasing Danny telling him to take his "medicine". The medicine being his beating and death.
  • The Boiler

    The Boiler
    While Danny is running from his father, he is cornered by Jack and close to being beaten to death when he confronts the spirits that have taken over his father's body and mind. For a moment, Jack is released. Jack tells Danny to run and that he loves him. When the spirits return, Danny tells them that the boiler is going to explode. The body runs downstairs in an attempt to stabilize the high pressure boiler.
  • The Explosion

    The Explosion
    Danny meets his mother and Dick downstairs. Wendy is barley conscious and Dick is bleeding heavily from his mouth. They rush outside before the hotel implodes. Jack is in the basement thinking that the pressure stabilized when the boiler ruptures. Dick, Wendy, and Danny return safely to Sidewinder, while Jack is killed by the blast.