John wilson

The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson, Book 1, By Kurran

  • The Year Polly Wilson was born

    The Year Polly Wilson was born
  • Period: to

    The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson, Book 1

  • Jack Wilson Marries Mary Hutchinson (Polly)

    This is Jacks first wedding
    He was crazy about Polly, going as far as to say he would kill himself if he could not marry Polly.
  • Polly and John have their first son

    Jack and his son George had a very close bond
  • The bank forclosed

  • Jack Wilson sails to Canada

  • World War 1 began

  • Jack Wilson joins the RNWMP

  • Jack WIlson moves to Prince Albert

  • Jack Wilson becomes the new policeman in Blaine Lake

    This is the place where Jack meets Jessie
  • John Patterson and Allison Patterson move to Blaine Lake

    They are Jessie's parents
  • The Pattersons invite Jack wilson to dinner

  • Jack Wilson Lies to Mr.Patterson about his wife

    This is one of the many times he lies. This Time he lies and says his wife,Polly, is dead.
  • Polly sails to Canada

    Polly sails to Canada to find Jack. She is unaware that he has started a new life. Her family does not want her to go but can't make her change her mind.
  • Polly arives in Canada

  • Polly arives in Regina

  • Jack volunteers to join the army

  • Jessie moves to Prince Albert

  • Jack moves to Saskatoon

  • Jack Wilson kills his wife Polly

    Jack kills polly so she does not interfere with his relationship with Jessie. He kills her with his gun and shoots her in the face. He barries her boddy in a culvert under the road.
  • Jack and Jessie get married