The Rise of Realism

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In History
  • The National Women Suffrage Association

    the most mainstream and nationally visible pro-suffrage group. Its strategy was to push for suffrage at the state level, believing that state-by-state support would eventually force the federal government to pass the amendment.
  • Cable Car

    Andrew Smith Hallidie
    Using metal ropes he created a device by which cars were pulled by a cable running in a slot between the rails which passed over a steam-driven shaft in the powerhouse.
    He later built the first cable car railway
  • Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell
    This device allowed users to communicate from long distances by voice, unlike the telegraph
  • Camera

    George Eastman
    This was the first hand camera to incorporate roll film. The Kodak camera could take 100 pictures
  • Ragtime

    Music composed of jazz and blues mixed together. Scott Joplin, Ernest Hogan and Jelly Roll Morton were famous composers
  • Motor-Driven Vacuum Cleaner

    John Thurman
    It was a horse-drawn vacuum system with door-to-door service in St Louis. The service price was $4 per visit in 1903.
    He invented his Gasoline-Powered Vacuum Cleaner in 1899
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    Women’s Fashion

    When women’s fashion wear changed along with the time periods. Their dresses got long and synched their waist. There was a distinctive between the wealthy women ans the working women. They each had different styles.
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    The Rise of Realism