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The Red Badge of Courage and Civil War

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln is elected President, with Hannibal Hamlin as his Vice President.
  • Cause of the Civil War

    The South secedes
  • Abraham Lincoln's Inauguration

    Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated as the sixteenth president of the United States in Washington, DC.
  • Abraham's Insurrection

    Abraham Lincoln calls for a public insurrection, adding 75,000 troops to the U.S. army.
  • Henry's First Battle

    Henry fights in his first battle, therefore feals uneasy killing other men.
  • Henry Flees

    Henry flees after the Conferderate soldier's second charge, except the 304th Regiment.
  • The Charge

    Henry's regiment is ordered to do a final charge against the confederate army. The suceed and take in 5 prisoners.
  • The Enemy's Flag

    Henry and Wilson succesfully capture the enemy's flag.
  • The Enemy's Flag

    Henry and Wilson succeed in capturing the enemy's flag
  • End of the Book

    Henry looks back on his past few months and self evaluates himself.
  • Gettysburg Address

    President Lincoln gives his famous "Gettysburg Address" speech in honor of the soldiers died, fighting for black's freedom.
  • End of the Civil War

    General Simon Bolivar Buckner surrenders, officially ending the Civil War.