The Real McCoy

  • Elijah McCoy was born

    Elijah McCoy was born
    Elijah McCoy was born in Colchester, Ontario, Canada
    There is some discrepancy on the actual year of Eiljah's birth. Most sources site his birth in 1944, but some site his birth in 1943. He was born to former slaves George and Emillia McCoy.
  • Moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan.

    Moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan.
    There is no exact date in 1847 for when the family moved to the United States. The family settled in Ypsilanti to start their new life. Elijah had 11 siblings.
  • School Time

    School Time
    encyclopediacc information video Elijah had an interest in mecanics that his parents wanted to foster. At the age of 15 Elijah went away to boarding school in Edinburgh, Scotland to study mechanical engineering.
  • Oilman

    Once Eiljah graduated he came back to the United States to find work as an engineer. This was at the end of the Civil War and Elijah was unable to find work. Elijah finally found work as an oilman for the Michigain Central Railroad.
  • Elijah married Ann Elizabeth Stewart

    Elijah married Ann Elizabeth Stewart
    There are conflicting dates for the actual date fo their marriage. Sadly Ann died in 1872
  • The Real McCoy

    The Real McCoy
    Elijah liked to solve problems and felt the constant stopping, to lubricate the axles, of the train was a waste of time, He created the lubricating cup to automatically drip oil when is was necessary. Others tried to recreate his invention, but none could top Elijah's. Train companies usually demanded the "Real McCoy". The expression "the Real McCoy" is still used today to refer to authentic item.
  • Married Mary Eleanor Delaney

    Married Mary Eleanor Delaney
    Once again there is not an exact date for their marriage. The McCoy's moved to Detriot, Michigan and lived there for the next 50 years.
  • Started the Elijah McCoy Manufacturing Company

    Started the Elijah McCoy Manufacturing Company
    With his new company he improved many of his patented inventions. He also invented a protable ironing board, for his wife, and lawn sprinkler.
  • Elijah McCoy Dies

    Elijah McCoy Dies
    Mary and Elijah were in a car accident in 1922 which resulted in Mary's death. Elijah suffered severe injuries, but lived until 1929. Sadly Elijah had sold many of his patents for much less than they were worth. Many made millions from Elijah's patents.