The Progressive Era APUSH10

  • Woman's Christian Temperance Union

    - Led by Francis Willard
    - Saw alcoholism as a result of poverty
  • Hull House

    Founded by Jane Addams in Chicago
  • Jacob A Riis

    wrote "How the Other Half Lives"
  • Anti-Saloon League

    picked up the WCTU's fight
    - had more political connections
  • Period: to

    Theodore Roosevelt's Presidency

    "Trust Buster"
  • Anthracite Coal Strike

    United Mine Workers union in coal mines in PA went on strike
    • Roosevelt threatened to seize the mines and operate them with federal troops if the owners refused to compromise
  • Newlands Reclamation Act

    federal gov't was authorized to collect money from the sale of public lands in western states and use those funds for the development of irrigation projects
    • TR set aside 125million acres of forests for federal reserves
  • Department of Commerce & Labor

    Created to settle disputes between capital and labor
  • Elkins Act 1903

    Aimed to reduce the abuse of rebates used by the railroads
  • Lochner v New York

    represented a setback for 10hr/day movement as the Court invalidated a New York 10-hr law for bakers
  • The Jungle

    Published by Upton Sinclair Inspired the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act
  • Muller v. Oregon

    Supreme Court upheld an Oregon law restricting women's labor to 10-hour work shifts
  • Hepburn Act

    expanded the power of the Interstate Commerce Commission restricted railroad's giving of free passes
  • Meat Inspection Act

  • Pure Food and Drug Act

  • Panic of 1907

    "Runs" on banks, suicides, and ciminal indictments against speculators occured Causes: overspeculation and mismanagement of Wall Street banks and trust companies; overextension of credit Lead to the Federal Reserve System
  • Period: to

    William Taft presidency

    was meant to lead like Roosevelt
  • Payne-Aldrich Tariff

    • most important cause for the split of the Republican Party
    • 37% tariff
    • Taft betrayed his campaign promises with this tariff
  • Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy

    Secretary of the Interior Ballinger opened public lands in Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska to development
    • contributed to a growing split between Taft and TR
  • Anti-Trust Suit agains US Steel Corp

    TR got pissed because he was all buddy buddy with JP Morgan and helped him acquire the Tennesse Coal and Oil Co. in 1907
  • Postal Savings Bank System

    Post Office Department was authorized to receive savings deposits from individuals and pay interst of 2% a year
  • Dissolution of Standard Oil Co

    really pissed off Roosevelt to the point that he started his own party and completely excluded his ex-bff Taft
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Co Fire

    killed 146 women
    - NYC and other legislatures passed laws regulating hours
    - Many states passed safety and sanitation codes for industry and closed harmful trade to children
  • Period: to

    Woodrow Wilson presidency

    Wilson completely crushed Taft and Roosevelt because the Republican Party split
  • 17th Amendment

    Direct election of Senators
    - Replaced the spoils system
  • Underwood Tariff Bill

    • 29%
  • Federal Reserve Act

    Federal Reserve Act
  • Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914

  • Clayton Anti-Trust Act of 1914

  • Adamson Act of 1916

    established an 8-hr day for all employees on trains in interstate commerce, with extra pay for overtime
  • Workingmen's Compensation Act of 1916

    gave assistance to federal civil-service employees during periods of disability
  • 18th Amendment

    banned the sale, transport, and manufacturing of alcohol
    • Volstead Act was passed to support this
  • Schenck v. U.S.

    Upheld the Espoinage and Sedition Acts passed during World War I
    • "a person could not cry 'fire' in a crowded theater"
  • Chicago Race Riot

    Black workers and WWI veterns clashed
  • Period: to

    Warren Harding presidency

  • Adkins v. Children's Hospital

    overturned a 1918 minimum wage law in Washington DC for women
  • Period: to

    Calvin Coolidge presidency