The Princess Bride

By kunie
  • The Beginning (1)

    The Beginning (1)
    A sick young boy is about to be read 'The Princess Bride' by his grandfather, despite not being too enthusiastic about the tale in the beginning. He begins describing Buttercup to the kid who was trying to spare his grandfather from his indifferent opinion.
  • The Narrative Begins (2)

    The Narrative Begins (2)
    Buttercup begins ordering around Westley. He always replies to her demands with the phrase, "As you wish." She gets gradually less demanding and eventually falls in love with Westley and learns that "As you wish." is his way of saying, "I love you." The child gets bored quickly and asks when the story gets good, quite understandably as well. The grandfather continues to continue into the disappearance of Westley and Buttercup's distress. Buttercup states that she will never love again.
  • The Wedding Announcement (3)

    The Wedding Announcement (3)
    Five years later, Prince Humperdinck was announcing his engagement to the public. He announced that he would be wed to Buttercup. She wasn't happy about the announcement and the state of the 97-year-old king's worn appearance. She assures Humperdinck that it was just the crowd, though being dishonest in doing so. He got to select her, and she still loved Westley. Buttercup still found joy in riding horses, however.
  • Vizzini, Inigo, and Fezzick (4)

    Vizzini, Inigo, and Fezzick (4)
    Vizzini asks Buttercup about the nearest location to learn that there's nothing near for miles. He takes the opportunity to kidnap, knock her out, and use her for ransom with his cronies, Inigo and Fezzick. Both of them are opposed to killing Buttercup, to Vizzini's annoyance. Vizzini was the one who took them out of their miserable circumstances. Quite away later, Buttercup awakes and begins to swim away only to be attacked by an eel.
  • On Edge (5)

    On Edge (5)
    The grandfather explains to his grandson that Buttercup does not get eaten by the eel, since he looked quite tense. The grandson tries to play it cool and denied that he was nervous. The grandfather says that he could stop, but the kid said that he could keep going.
  • Saved (6)

    Saved (6)
    As the eel tries to attack Buttercup, Fezzick lifts her out of the water and tears the eel into two pieces. Vizzini asks her if she thought she was being brave in a condescending manner, Buttercup responded with, "Only compared to some." Inigo states that a man in black has cut their lead supply in half. They eventually make it to land.
  • Arrival At The Cliffs (7)

    Arrival At The Cliffs (7)
    After the voyage, all people on the boat exited, but not before noting the proximity to a boat that had been tailing them. They used rope that Fezzick had climbed it very quickly with everyone holding onto him. The mysterious man from the boat had begun climbing the rope very quickly. Inigo is the first one to notice him. Vizzini was unhappy about his and began yelling at Fezzick who pointed out that he was carrying three other people and the other guy only had himself.
  • "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." (8)

    "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." (8)
    The mysterious man hadn't fallen and Inigo is the first line of defense. Inigo fencing sword and begins to prepare and eventually throws the man the rope. He waits until the man is ready to fight and asks if he has six fingers on his right hand, to the man's confusion. Domingo Montoya, Inigo's father, was slain by a six-fingered man and Inigo has been seeking vengeance. The encounter Inigo had with the man was actually quite cordial at first; he even showed the sword his father made.
  • Let the Fencing... BEGIN! (9)

    Let the Fencing... BEGIN! (9)
    Inigo dedicated his life to fencing; he begins the duel. It starts off slowly. The skills Inigo had been developing began to show; he was quite masterful. Inigo is impressed by the man's skills; he is holding his own very well, but Inigo wasn't using his dominant arm. Inigo eventually corners the man after a short bit of time who reveals that he wasn't left-handed either. Inigo gets disarmed, the man joins him on the ground. The mysterious man wins the match but does not reveal his identity.
  • Prince Humperdinck Arrives (11)

    Prince Humperdinck Arrives (11)
    We see Prince Humperdinck arrive with several knights, examining the scene to find where Buttercup could be. The Prince concludes that the man had continued down the path and decides to track Buttercup.
  • Buttercup and Westley (13)

    Buttercup and Westley (13)
    The man blindfolds Buttercup and states that he had been building immunity to it, so the poison didn't affect him. Buttercup tells him that he'll get whatever he wants from ransom and that Prince Humperdinck will find him. She begins subtly recounting her romantic past. The man (the dread pirate Roberts) begins asking about Buttercup's love before revealing himself to be Westley. He was the dread pirate Roberts and he had come to find her. "AS YOU WISH!" Westley exclaims after being pushed.
  • YUCK! (14)

    YUCK! (14)
    The kid is less than happy about the kiss Westley and Buttercup shared (as was I). He asked if they HAD to read it again and the grandfather obliged.
  • On The Run (15)

    On The Run (15)
    The couple enters the fire forest which no one has ever survived. Westley isn't fazed (at first) and Buttercup seems to think he's a bit crazy. With fire spouting from the ground, giant rats attacking them, and lightning sand they nearly perished. Westley had told the story of how he befriended Roberts and took over when he retired. Roberts was actually Ryan and he'd inherited the name from the previous one.
  • Stand Off (16)

    Stand Off (16)
    Prince Humperdinck finds the couple and has them surrounded. Buttercup makes the Prince swear not to hurt Westley, to the shock of both men. Buttercup gives herself up to save Westley and makes Humperdinck swear to return him to his ship, but he was lying. If Westley were to die again, she would be distraught. Westley is taken and he knows that what they are promising him isn't going to come true. Westley notices that one of the men has six fingers on his right hand.
  • To The Dugeons (17)

    To The Dugeons (17)
    Westley is chained in the pit of despair where his wounds are insufficiently treated. He is tortured there by a man, possibly with scurvy, who tells him not to escape and not to think that he's going to be saved. Back above, Buttercup is very melancholy and the Prince still believes it's because of his father's ill state. The King died that same night and Humperdinck and Buttercup got married. She addressed her citizens as Queen the next day.
  • Is There A Mistake? (18)

    Is There A Mistake? (18)
    The grandson is confused. Aren't stories supposed to end happily? The grandfather's patience wanes due to his grandson's unwillingness to accept the path of the story. Eventually, he is able to continue.
  • There Will Not Be Joy (19)

    There Will Not Be Joy (19)
    Humperdinck announces his father's last words before having Buttercup step up to speak. A figment of Buttercup's imagination begins booing her and exclaims that it's because she lost her love and betrayed Westley. However, everything was all a dream. The King was alive and the wedding still had not happened. Her nightmares worsened and she confronts Humperdinck and demands to see Westley. They fool Buttercup and later alert her of his 'rejection' of her apology.
  • Humperdinck's Planning WHAT? (20)

    Humperdinck's Planning WHAT? (20)
    Humperdinck reveals his plan to strangle Buttercup on their wedding night. Rugen is planning to put Wesley on the 'machine' that night. Humperdinck says that he is too busy to witness. The machine causes Westley to move involuntarily and sporadically as the torture worsens. Humperdinck says that Guilder thieves plan on killing his bride to raise security. Inigo and Fezzick enter the narrative once again. Inigo is drunk in the thieves forest and Fezzick nurses him back to health.

    Inigo is made aware of Rugen's six-fingered right hand and swears to kill him. He presses Fezzick for details and learns of his location and whereabouts. Inigo is frustrated and vengeful but ultimately comes to the conclusion that he needs the man in black's assistance. They set out to find Westley.
  • Buttercup Catches On (22)

    Buttercup Catches On (22)
    Buttercup becomes aware of Humperdinck's plan when he makes a statement regarding the ships. He mentioned that the entire armada would be there, but he "sent" four to make contact with Westley. She directly confronts him about this and becomes visibly angry. However, she doesn't realize that they never put him on the ship. He threatens Buttercup to no avail, her confidence is high and she begins standing up for herself. He ends up locking her in her room like a prisoner.
  • Dead... (24)

    Dead... (24)
    Fezzick declares Westley dead and the grandson is confused. How could he be dead? The grandfather intends to avoid spoiling the narrative, so he feigns ignorance, pretends to stop reading the story, and then continues again.
  • Rise From The *Mostly* Dead (25)

    Rise From The *Mostly* Dead (25)
    Despite Fezzick's conclusion, Inigo is determined to revive Westley. They take him to the King's retired miracle worker who declares him mostly dead. He asks the mostly dead Westley what's so important and he says, "True love..." The miracle worker claims that he said, "To bluff..." His wife came out and Inigo promised to stop Humperdinck's wedding. Westley was revived.
  • The Plan (26)

    The Plan (26)
    Westley regains consciousness on the bridge, but he can't walk. He is less than pleased with the situation but decides to help after Inigo and Fezzick convinced him. He more than likely gives the idea of dressing like Dread Pirate Roberts to gain entrance to the palace. Meanwhile, Buttercup retains her faith in Westley through the preparation of the wedding and during, even after Humperdinck claims to have killed him. The three scare the guards by dressing up like Roberts and get the gate key.
  • My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. PREPARE TO DIE! (27)

    My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. PREPARE TO DIE! (27)
    After defeating the guards in the palace, Inigo sees Count Rugen and chases him during the duel. After some running, Rugen pulls a dagger out of his boot, throws it at Inigo, and gets him in the stomach. After a while, Inigo regains his strength and repeats the phrase, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. PREPARE TO DIE!" Inigo asks for his father back before killing Rugen because he couldn't fulfill his terms.
  • After the Wedding (28)

    After the Wedding (28)
    Westley is nowhere to be found. Buttercup tells the King that she plans on killing herself in the honeymoon suite. She gets to the room, pulls the dagger, and Westley greets her. Buttercup runs over and apologizes for not being faithful, but Westley says that she didn't say, "I do.", so she's not married. Humperdinck enters and Westley insults and promises him a life of misery before Inigo enters and they tie him to a chair.
  • Fezzick Returns (29)

    Fezzick Returns (29)
    Fezzick returned with four white horses outside of the window in case they managed to get Buttercup. She jumps out of the window and Fezzick catches her. The story ends happily.
  • Screams Are Heard (23)

    Screams Are Heard (23)
    Westley's screams of agony can be heard throughout the kingdom; the torture he is enduring is treacherous. Many wonder what the noise is as it's so alarming. Buttercup hears these pained screams, unaware that they are Westley's. Inigo, on the other hand, is immediately aware of what they must be and heads in that direction. Inigo uses his sword's connection to his father to find Westley.
  • Fezzick's Turn (10)

    Fezzick's Turn (10)
    Vizzini exclaims. "INCONCEIVABLE!", before telling Fezzick to hit the man with a rock. Once the man arrives, Fezzick throws the rock near him and it shatters; he wants to face him fairly in hand-to-hand combat. Fezzick has the advantage and the man knows it. The man struggles at first, due to Fezzick's size, but eventually manages to beat him by making it so he cannot breathe before continuing along.
  • The Final Obstacle (12)

    The Final Obstacle (12)
    The man arrives and sees Vizzini with a blindfolded Buttercup. Vizzini brags about his smarts and the man challenges him to a battle of wits to the death. Vizzini fills to cups with wine and the man fills one with iocane powder, a deadly poison. Vizzini attempts to solve the problem but ends up doubting his conclusion so he tricks the man. The masked man survives because he built up immunity, but Vizzini dies and the man takes Buttercup.
  • Happily Ever After (30)

    Happily Ever After (30)
    The grandfather decides to skip the kissing part, but the grandson says that it's okay. He describes the happiness that Buttercup and Westley felt. Everything ended well for them. Inigo became the new Dread Pirate Roberts, and Fezzick.. well, I don't know exactly what happened to Fezzick. The end!