Wiertz  premature burial  1854

The Premature Burial Plot Map- Jessica, Marte, Haley

  • The Wife of Congress "Dies"

    The wife of one of the most respectable citizens, a lawyer was seized with a sudden and unaccountable illness. After much suffering she died, as they so thought. All her apperences showed that she was dead so they didn't suspect she was still alive. For three days the body was preserved unburied. The lady was put in the family vault for three years peacfullly. The husband felt a fearful shock and threw open the door. A white object fell rattling within his arms. It was a skeleton of his wife.
  • The wife of Mademoiselle Victorine Lafourcade diea

    In the year 1810, Mademoiselle's wife dies and resembles death so well that they buried her in a ordinary grave. The man misses his wife so much he returns at midnight to the grave and unburies her. He finds that she has been buried alive and that she is still alive but is unconscious. The wife heals and stays with him for the rest of her life.
  • An officer of Artillery "dies" of falling into a stupor

    The officer of Artillery was thrown from an unmanageable horse and received a very sever contusion on his head. This immediately made him insensible. His skull was slightly fractured but no immediate danger. He gradually fell into a more hopless state of stupor and finally died. He was buried with an indecent haste in a public cemetery. Finally, it was discovered that he was still alive.
  • Mr. Edward Stapleton dies

    Edward Stapleton apparently dies of typhus fever. His friends refused to see his body after he died and is buried. The practitioners resolved to dig up the body and dissect it for fun. On the third night they unbury the body and dissect it in a private hospital.
  • Climax

    The narrator has a big fear of getting burried alive and once he does he shook as the quivering plumes upon the hearse.He falls into a deep sleep and dream. He awakes to an unknown figure that grasps him by the wrist and throws him into the grave.
  • The Falling Action

    Narrator says he is subject to catalepsy. Wasn't buried in the vault he had prepared but somewhere else. Said he must've been amongst strangers, when he had one of his attacks and they buried him like a dog in a common coffin nailed under some nameless grave. Was trying to get out but he couldn't.
  • Resolution

    The man is buried alive and he starts to scream in his grave. While he is screaming in his grave, four men above hear this and rescue the man and restore his full memory.