The Premature Burial- Emma, Ashley, Will, DL

  • Main Problem-Emma

    The main problem is that the narrator is scared that he is going to be buried alive because he has periods of time where he cannot move or say anything, making it look like he is dead.
  • Period: to

    Story Map

  • Event #1-Emma

    The 1st event in this story is when a member of Congress' wife suddenly gets an illness, and after a long battle, she is thought to be dead. They put her in the family vault and nobody disturbed the tomb for three years. When the husband came back for the traditional reception of a sarcophagus, and they found her to be out of her coffin. After an investigation, they decided that the lady had revived after two ays in the coffin and had tried to escape, but could not.
  • Event #2 - Ashley

    The second event in the story was where the narrator speaks about a beautiful, wealthy girl named Mademoiselle Victorine Lafourcade. One of her many suitors was Julien Bossuet, who was a poor journalist of Paris. He really loved her, but she ended up marrying Monsieur Rénelle, a banker. He treated her terribly and eventually she passed away. She was buried in an ordinary grave in the town she was raised in. Monsieur visits her grave, realizes his love has been buried alive, and gets arrested.
  • Event #3- DL

    A medical journal in Gemany reported a case in which a military officer who died (so it was thought) after falling from a horse and suffering a blow to the head. Three days after his burial, a man was sitting apon the officer's grave and the man felt movement in the earth beneath him. The grave was dug up and the officer was taken to the hospital and revived. He spoke of his horrors. The shallow grave had let air get through and kept him from dying in the depths of his grave.
  • Event #4- Will

    The event of a patient, Mr. Edward Stapleton apparently dying of typhus fever. The body was then scheduled for dissection. An incision was made in the abdomen. Right before they added an electrical shock, it hit hit the dead mans skin and he arose from the table, stood up and spoke. After he spoke the man fell to the floor and fainted.
  • Climax - Ashley

    The climax is when he goes in catalepsy and he was frozen still, couldn't open his eyes or talk. He starts to get buried alive and keeps hearing voices speaking about death.
  • Falling Action-Emma

    The falling action in this story is when the narrator wakes up from his catalepsy and screams at the top of his lungs and people that are above the ground hear him. They dig him up, and he is finally free from the coffin.
  • Resolution- Will

    The man gets cured of his catalepsy disease and Becomes a "new man." A he then says he misses his journal writings. He then goes and travels abroad and lives his life.