The Phones and Where they fit in

Timeline created by bigberk2525
  • IBM Simon

    IBM Simon
  • Period: to

    3G Service Created

    The 3rd Generation of cellular service is released, Allows for moble web browsing and other over the air activities
  • Ericsson R380

    Ericsson R380
  • Blackberry

  • The Original IPhone

    The Original IPhone
    priced at $500 for the cheaper of two models + 2 year contract
    lacked the capability to execute and multitask
    one of the first mobile phones to be mainly controlled through a touchscreen
    It was the first mobile phone to use a multi-touch i
  • Android Operating system

    Android Operating system
  • IPhone 4

    IPhone 4
  • Period: to

    4G Service Releaed

    Not all providers have finished created a 4th generation network, it is the next revolution in Smartphone and communication technology