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The Phones and Where they fit in

  • IBM Simon

    IBM Simon
    First Cellular device considered a "smartphone" created by a joint venture between IBM and BellSouth Text was entered with either a unique "predictive" on-screen keyboard or QWERTY keyboard used a touchscreen to select phone numbers with a finger or create facsimiles and memos with an optional stylus. Originally priced at $899 part mobile phone, part PDA, part pager and part fax machine. included apps like a calendar, calculator, address book and world clock.
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    3G Service Created

    The 3rd Generation of cellular service is released, Allows for moble web browsing and other over the air activities
  • Ericsson R380

    Ericsson R380
    released in 2000 combined the functions of a mobile phone and a personal digital assistant was the first device marketed as a 'smartphone'. The display was a black and white touchscreen, partially covered by a flip
  • Blackberry

    Released 2002 BlackBerry first made headway in the marketplace by concentrating on e-mail. The original BlackBerry devices, the RIM 850 and 857, used the DataTac network. The original BlackBerry device had a monochrome display
  • The Original IPhone

    The Original IPhone
    hundreds of people were queued outside Apple and AT&T retail stores days before the device's launch Six out of ten Americans surveyed said they knew the release date of the iPhone. Apple sold the one millionth iPhone 74 days after the release. priced at $500 for the cheaper of two models + 2 year contract
    lacked the capability to execute and multitask
    one of the first mobile phones to be mainly controlled through a touchscreen
    It was the first mobile phone to use a multi-touch i
  • Android Operating system

    Android Operating system
    Java-based There are currently over 200,000 apps available for Android consists of roughly 12 million lines of code The Android OS is used on smartphones, netbooks and tablets top-selling smartphone platform (33%) notable phones that run andriod HTC Hero HTC Droid Eris T-Mobile G2 Touch Droid Incredible/ Droid Incredible 2 HTC Evo 4G Google Nexus One HTC Thunderbolt Droid X
  • IPhone 4

    IPhone 4
    New design incorporates a stainless steel frame that acts as the device's antenna Gyroscope and accelerometer 1 GHz processor lots of features Facetime HD video retina display 5 mega Pixel camera with LED flash it can be used as a flashlight too Apple even offers services to find your iphone if lost.
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    4G Service Releaed

    Not all providers have finished created a 4th generation network, it is the next revolution in Smartphone and communication technology