The Obsolete and the Opportunity

  • 23 BCE


    Paper was first invented over 2,000 years ago, although paper is still really used to this day a lot it's not as used as it use to be. Now that we have the technology we have different options for writing things down. Apps like "Docs, messenger" etc..
  • 16 BCE


    Maps were invented 6th century BC and were used for a long time for people to navigate around the world to get to places. Many maps are still used to this day but now having a GPS and many different resources online not many are used now. The GPS was fully invented in the 1973s and is used on different platforms now such as Waze, Google maps, and many more.
  • Alarm clocks

    Alarm clocks
    Alarm clocks haven't been used a lot anymore now that we have alarms that we can set on our phone which is much easier than setting up every night before bed. We are able to set an ongoing alarm for every night that's easier so we don't forget. For myself, I only use my phone, they're loud, easy to set up, and easy to shut off. Alarm clocks were invented in the 1787s and have been very helpful sense but in ways as now being on our phones.
  • Phone books

    Phone books
    The first-ever book printed in Toronto to contain a list of people reachable by phone was printed on April 1, 1879. Phone books were really used full back in the day when we had buttons on our phones and could only use house phones. But now we have contacts and technology where we can just save the number into our phone and not have to keep redailing it.
  • Headphones with cords

    Headphones with cords
    Headphones with cords were first invented in the 1891s, a lot of people used these with the simple cord and got to hear their own device without having to worry if it was too loud for people. It has upgraded a lot now having Bluetooth headphones that are wireless, most are sound proof so you don't hear what's happing around you but just your audio.
  • Vinyl's

    The first vinyl ever to be created was in the 1930s many DJs used vinyl records as they could hold a lot of songs and were easy to use. They became very popular with the general public. Many people aren't into very much of these types of vinyl anymore because not very many people have vinyl record plays sitting around as they did.
  • Phone Booths

    Phone Booths
    Phone Booths were first invented in June of 1944, Phone Booths were very useful and many people used them. Having only a phone in your house and having a phone around your city was very useful and needed. Nobody ever thought that these wouldn't be used to this day. But now having iPhones in our hands we can make calls on our own.
  • CDs

    CDs were first invented in the 1982s of November and then became more popular in the 1988s. Many people loved the idea of CDs and they were eligible to use in many devices made in these times. Before music was able to download online many people were able to use CDs and they were very easy to carry around.
  • Flip Phones

    Flip Phones
    The first ever flip phone to be invented was invented in the early 1996's. This was the start of hand-held phones being invented where you could bring it around in ur pocket and not have it be connected to a cord.
  • MP3 players

    MP3 players
    MP3 players were invented in 1997, MP3 players were phones that couldn't make calls. These players were mostly known for using to play music. A lot of people owned these players and they became very popular in the 2000s. These devices are still around and being sold at many different places such as best buy, Walmart, and many others.