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The Night Stalker

  • Period: to

    Life of Richard Ramirez

  • Cousin is a Murder

    Cousin is a Murder
    Richard was present when his cousin shot his wife in the face during an argument. His cousin was a influence for his satanic background and violent behavior.
  • Jennie Vincow

    Richard's first victum. 79 year old Jennie Vincow was rapped, stabbed, and robbed her.
  • Period: to

    Total Span for Killings

  • Maria Hernandez, Dayle Okazaki, and Tsai Liam Yu

    Maria Hernandez, Dayle Okazaki, and Tsai Liam Yu
    2nd attack is on Maria Hernandez. She escaped him but her roommate Dayle Okazaki was shot. Not satisfied he killed Tsai Liam Yu at a different location
    He was named the "Valley Intruder" after these attacks.
  • Vincent and Maxine Zazzara

    Vincent and Maxine Zazzara
    Richard invaded the Zazzara home. He shot Vincent first, then brutally assaulted Maxine by stabbing her to death. Later he gouged out Maxine's eyes and took them with him.
  • William and Lillie Doi

    William and Lillie Doi
    Killed William and Lillie Doi in their home. Same pattern as the rest which include stabbing, rape, burglary, and gun shot to husband.
  • Period: to

    Killings Escalate

    During these months dozens of victims were killed along with multiple burglaries, brutal assaults, rapes, and satanic rituals.
  • Machete time

    Machete time
    The Night Stalker bought a machete and broke into the house of Lela and Maxson Kneiding. He hacked them with the weapon then shot both in the head. Later he further mutilated both of the bodies and stole the valuables from the house.
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    Due to all the recent killings, investigators started looking for Ramirez. Since there was so much police activity in the Los Angeles area, he decided to go to San Francisco. On arrival he killed Peter and Barbara Pan and drew satanic symbols and the phrase "Jack the Knife" in lipstick on the walls. Due to his change in location and that he invades his victims homes at night he was named the "Night Stalker."
  • Fingerprints

    Ramirez stole cars in order to travel around to do his bloody deeds. An id of a stolen car was found. After police found the car and dusted for prints they found one print and ran it through the database. Due to Ramirez having a prior record they immediatly had his name. After hearing this information, he fled back to Los Angeles and broke into Bill Carns and Inez Erickson's home. He shot bill and the head and made Inez swear she loved Satan then raped and assaulted her.
  • Jail Time

    Jail Time
    Richard Ramirez was captured by police after trying to flee from a failed car jacking. Several LA residents appended him and beat him till officials arrived.
  • The Verdict

    After many delays and appeals, the jury returned with an unanimous verdict of guilty. There was 43 charges which include: 13 counts of murder, 5 attempted murder charges, 11 sexual assaults, 14 burglary charges and received 19 death sentences. To that he replied, "No big deal. Death always comes with the territory. I'll see you in Disneyland."
  • Marriage

    While on death row, Richard had many fans. One of them was named Doreen Lioy. Their constant contact escalated when he proposed to her and then later on married he San Quentin State Prison
  • Death

    Richard Ramirez died from complications from B-cell lymphoma after 23 years on death row.