The New Kid, Temple Mathews, Fiction, 280

  • Reading1;

    The beginng of the story, it starts of with introducting Will Hunter and how he's the new kid at school and how he's really a demon hunter, hunting the darkness.
  • Reading2;

    Will's First day of school in harrisburg, he meets Rudy and Natalie his new friends and his enemines Duncan and the Football team. He meets rudy becuase Duncan was beating him up and will stepped in and beat up duncans thug's ;Saving rudy. He meet Natalie on the way to school on a bus.
  • Reading3;

    Will saves the cheerleaders from an explosion, causing the head Cheerleader (Duncan's gf) to find out she likes him. Later Duncan and Will get in a fight and the football coach stops it and asks will to go to football practice. When will did he surpirsed the coach and did an awesome job for practice. After that duncan tells will to meet him at the field at 12am. He meets up with duncan and gets the snot beat out of him, just to be saved my the princeple, Natalie and Rudy.
  • Reading 4

    pages 93-113
    After Will got betaen up he told natalie and rudy about how he's a demon hunter and why he came to harrisburg.
    Later they all go to the mall and hang out. They meet a group of super 'perfect' people and want to get an invite to a guy named rage's party. So will challanges the leader Jason to a game of "demon hunter" and wins geting an invite to the party.
  • Reading 5

    pages 114-146
    So after the school's football game will, rudy, and natalie go to rage's party and will sees sharon the head cheerleader get attacked and chased after her getting knocked out.\
    When he woke up Sharon was turned into a demon and was advancing him but will ran from her ending up in a room with Jason and rage who are both demons; Rage is the underlord.
    Theres a battle and rage runs away leaving jason getting beat up by will.
    After the party rudy natalie and will all leave going home
  • Reading 6

    pages 147-197
    Will and Natalie get worried about rudy becuase he kinda disappered but then they hear he's going to the prom and decide to got together. They get to the prom and find out rudy has gone to the darkside and is evil. They leave following all the other demonteens to their hide out but end up getting chased into the mountains. Then Natalie remembers a dream she had of her and her twin and tells will where the enterance to the hideout is. Then they get attacked and meet the dark lord.
  • reading 7

    pages 198-214
    Will gets badly beaten up by the dark lord and natalie barely saves will driving him home and healing his wounds with a magic goop thats speeds up the healing process.
    Then natalie left leaving will to sleep. When he woke up there was a terrible storm and will found out that his step-dad is a demon and kills him. His mother witnesses this and faints.
  • Reading 8

    Pages 215-280
    Will Takes his mom to the airport after he sees Natalie get kidnapped by the lord. She leaves on the plane and will prepares for a war and goes to find natalie. Natalie finds her twinsister and is happy but they're both trappped by the darklord.Will going to the mountains and its like a maze of doom, but evenly will finds Emily and Natalie. Will and them are lead to rage and the darklord waiting for them. Will learns that Rage is his father he had lost and learns that he' snot
  • Part2 reading 8

    he's not his real father and learns the devil is really his dad. In the end he kills Edward/Rage and kills the darklord and destorying the traid pf power and the mountain hideout. They set all leave harrisburg with new hopes. (countines in 2nd book) //Rudy is with them but he's stilla demon