The little prince

By Jawabu
  • The narrator's backstory

    The narrator's backstory
    The narrator talks about how when he was a kid he liked art. When he tried drawing a boa constrictor but grown ups always think the boa is a hat. The grown ups tell the prince to stop. He feels sad but continues. Soon he decides to give up
  • The narrator meets the little prince

    The narrator meets the little prince
    The narrator and the little prince meet. They meet when the narrator has an accident. The narrator was lonely until the prince came. They talk about many things. The little prince talks about his life
  • The little prince and the narrator

    The little prince and the narrator start to talk to each other. The prince finds out what a plane is. And the narrator discovers the prince is not from earth. The narrator gets asked many questions from the prince. The narrator is a very curious guy.
  • The little prince's backstory

    The little prince explains that he is from a planet no bigger than a house. And the planet is called Asteroid B-612. The prince talks about the things that live on his planet. Such as the flower and the volcanoes. He also talks about his daily life cycle.
  • The little prince's flower

    The little prince's flower
    The little prince talks about his flower on his planet. And how he loves the flower so much. He talks about the special bond they share. He talks about how the flower and he were great friends. And how sad he was to leave.
  • The little prince's departure from his planet

    The little prince's departure from his planet
    The little prince talks about how he left his planet after the birds were migrating. He also talks about how he prepared by cleaning the volcano, the land. He knew he was going to leave but felt sad. He also says goodbye to his flower. He later talks about his adventure
  • The first planet

    The first planet
    He found himself in the neighbourhoods of a lot of asteroids such as 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, and 330.
    The first was inhabited by a king, the entire place was covered by the king's rob. The king thought that the Prince was a subject. The king asks the prince to stay but the prince doesn’t want to. The king even makes up a fake subject.
  • The conceited man

    The conceited man
    The prince later visits a conceited man. This man thinks that whoever visits him admires him. The conceited man doesn’t have many people on his planets but likes to be admired. The little prince is a bit confused about what admire means but the conceited man tells him. He later leaves the planet because he got bored of clapping
  • The drunkard

    The drunkard
    . Next, the little prince visited the drunkard. The drunkard doesn’t really talk much as he is drunk. The drunkard seemed kind of crazy as he seemed like he wasn’t normal. But the little prince left a bit gloomy.
  • The busisnessman

    The busisnessman
    The little prince later visits a businessman who barely notices him. The businessman hasn’t been interrupted. As he thinks he owns the stars as he counts them every day. He says he owns countless stars and always counts them. The only job he has is counting the planets.
  • The lamplighter

    The lamplighter
    The next planet the prince visited was very small and had a lamplight and a man. The man works countless hours lighting up the lamplight. The prince really appreciates and respects the man’s work and wants to stay with him but he couldn't. The lamplighter’s schedule has been hard as the day is very short. The lamplighter does a very good job on his job.
  • The geographer

    The geographer
    The next planet he visits was 10 times bigger than the planet before. The person who lives there is an old man who writes books and is a geographer. What he does is he outs places on the map with the help of travelers. He also writes books about the places he visits. The little prince left with a lot of knowledge.
  • Earth

    The Earth was the seventh planet that he visited. The narrator wishes to see them on and off from the space of the earth. On the earth, the Little Prince met a railway switchman, a salesman, more flowers, and a snake. On earth he really enjoys it. The best thing he met was a fox.
  • The fox

    The fox
    The little prince meets a fox who wishes to be tamed. The fox tells the prince many secrets. Like how there are many flowers but the flower the prince has is more special as they share a special relationship. The fox was very wise for an animal. Both the fox and the little prince got something out of their meet.
  • The end

    The end
    At this point, the Little Prince realizes that it is time to go back to his planet, leave. At this moment the Prince is very sad. To go back to his planet he asks the snake to bite him so he can leave his body behind on Earth and travel back to his planet.
    The prince says to the narrator goodbye, gets bitten, and disappears. The narrator and the prince both felt sad after their departure as the story ended.