The Light Bulb

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  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney develops his cotton gin
  • Period: to

    The History of the Light Bulb

    The Timeline of the Light Bulb
  • Humphry Davy

    Humphry Davy
    Humphry started the journey to invent a light source. He used a high power battery to produce current between two charcoal strips. The current flowing through the two strips produced an light, creating the first lamp.
  • Warren De la Rue

    Warren De la Rue
    Warren made the first known attempt to produce a light bulb. He enclosed a platinum coil in a tube and passed an electric current through it. It was an efficient design, but the cost of the platinum made it impractical for commercial use.
  • Faraday

    Faraday demonstrates electro-magnetic rotation, the principle of the electric motor.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison created a new lamp that used a carbon filament. This is the first light bulb that lasted for about 13.5 hours.
  • James Bowman

    James Bowman
    James Bowman Lindsay used a prototype lightbulb to demonstrate a constant electric lighting system.
  • Fox Talbot

    Fox Talbot introduces photographic paper.
  • Frederik de Moleyns

    Frederik de Moleyns recieved the first patent for an incandescent lamp.
  • Joseph Wilson Swan

    Joseph Wilson Swan
    Joseph Wilson Swan, an englishman, invented the first incandescent lamp with a paper filament.
  • Joseph Wilson Swan

    Joseph Wilson Swan
    Joseph Wilson Swan begins installing electric light bulbs in landmarks and homes around England
  • Public Display

    Public Display
    Thomas Edison's first successful light bulb model was displayed in a public demonstration at Menlo Park.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison kept working on his light bulb until it could shine for over 1200 hours. He used a filament derived from bamboo.
  • Electric Lamp

    Edison patented a system for electricity distribution which was essential to capitalize on the invention of the electric lamp
  • New York City

    New York became the first city to be lit by electric lights using generators designed by Thomas Edison.
  • Gobel Vs Edison

    Heinrich Gobel won court against Thomas Edison as the inventor of the electric lamp and recieved some profit.
  • LED Lights

    LED Lights
    The first LED Lights were created by British experimenter H. J. Round using a crystal of silicon carbide and a cat's-whisker detector.
  • William D. Coolidge

    William D. Coolidge
    William D. Coolidge developed a light bulb that consists of a tungsten powder pressed into bars.When these were heated at extreem heats it formed a wire filament
  • Soft Light

    Light bulbs were now built with frosted glass to produce a soft light ,spreading light more evenly
  • LED Lights

    The first practical visible-spectrum (red) LED was developed in 1962 by Nick Holonyak, Jr.
  • 60,000 Hours

    Philips creates a bulb that will shine for 60,000 hours using magnetic induction.
  • A Flexiable Light Bulb

    The team at Wake Forest University developed a light bulb where the material can emit any color and shape.
  • Charles Darwin,

    Charles Darwin wrote the The Origin of Species.
  • Eco Friendly Light Bulbs

    Many companies will create light bulbs where they can last for years to come, reducing the costs in energy.