The Life Of William Golding

  • The birth of William Golding

    William Golding was born in Newquay in Cornwall England
    his parents are Alec Golding and Mildred Golding
  • Early adult life

    William Golding went to Brasenose College where he studied science after a while he switched to a literature-based course where he began writing
  • Early career

    William Golding joined the Royal Navy to serve during World War II
  • Teaching career

    After the war, Golding switched to teaching as his profession after writing lord of the flies he retired form teching
  • literature

    After teaching and many attempts, Golding got his first popular book lord of the flies published
    this book is still read in schools today
  • Success

    Lord of the Flies was made into a film adaptation
  • Award

    At the age of 73, William Golding received the Noble Peace Prize for literature
  • Knighted by the queen

    William Golding was knighted by Queen Elizabeth The II
    at the age of 78
  • Death

    William Golding died where he was born in Cornwall England due to congestive heart failure