The Life Of William Golding

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  • Birth of William Golding

    Birth of William Golding
    On this day, William Golding was born in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England. He was born to Mildred and Alec, who had a huge influence on Golding as a child.
  • Married

    Golding married Ann Brookfield.
  • First Child

    First Child
    In 1940, Golding along with his wife, Ann, had their first child, David.
  • Left For The Army

    Left For The Army
    In 1940, William Golding left his teaching job to work in the Royal Navy. During his time in the navy, Golding had assisted Lord Cherwell, and fought in World War II. William Golding's experiences in the Royal Navy left him with an abundance of love for the sea and sailing.
  • Second Child

    Second Child
    William and Ann had their second child, Judith.
  • Came Back From The Navy

    Came Back From The Navy
    In 1945, after the war, Golding left his love for sailing and the sea, and returned to his life of teaching and writing.
  • Lord Of The Flies Makes Its Debut

    Lord Of The Flies Makes Its Debut
    In 1954, Golding finally published, "Lord of the Flies." After continuous rejections of his novel, he was finally able to achieve his goal of publishing his book. Golding was soon known to write about the internal conflicts between good and evil.
  • Noble Prize For Literature

    Noble Prize For Literature
    In 1983, Golding was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • Knighted

    In 1988, Golding was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of England.
  • Death

    Golding died on June 19, 1993 due to a heart attack.