The Life of Travis Pastrana

Timeline created by AS3212
  • Born

    Travis Bio
    On this date Travis Pastrana was born. He was the son of Robert and Debby Pastrana. He is related to Alan Pastrana who was the quarterback for the University of Maryland.
  • First serious injury

    First serious injury
    Travis was 14 years old when his first serious injury happened. He was competing at a FMX event when this happened. Long story short he landed short and went from 50 MPH to 0 instantly and dislocated his pelvis/spine.
  • First ever win

    First ever win
    Travis had his first time win at X games. He got a gold metal in MotoX Freestyle. That same event he set a record breaking score.
  • Travis and friends make Nitro Circus

    Travis and friends make Nitro Circus
    After Travis talked with some of his friends they thought about making a show about everything they do. They made Nitro Circus and it stars almost every extreme sport athlete.
  • First ever double-backflip

    First ever double-backflip
    At the X games in 2006 Travis competed in the same event, MotoX Freestyle. He completed the first ever double backflip. He scored a score of 98.60.
  • First win for Rally

    First win for Rally
    This year at X games Travis competes at Rally Cross. The raced his number 199 with his subaru. This was his first gold for Rally Cross.
  • Movie

    Travis was able to star in his very own movie. 199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story. His movie aired on ESPN that same year. Gregg Godfrey was the director of this movie.
  • International event

    International event
    Travis's dad, Robert, is a native from Puerto Rico. This meant that Travis was able to represent Puerto Rico in international events. That year the MAPR gave Travis a license to race for them.
  • New Wrold Record

    New Wrold Record
    On this date Travis set a new ramp to ramp car jumping record. He jumped this with his Subaru rally car. He jumped from the Pine Street Peir onto a boat.

    Travis doesn't just compete at the X games. He also races at NASCAR. He finished 6th at the 2011 Toyota all-star showdown.
  • Pastranathon

    Travis creates the event "Pastranathon" which has two different races to it. First, there is a best trick at Lucas oil Raceway. Then, you fly to the Staples Center and do a Rally car race.
  • Proposal

    Travis and his girlfriend Lyn-z Adams Hawkins were at one of Travis live Nitro Cirus shows. Nearing the end of the show he propsed to her.
  • Married

    On this day Travis and Lyn-z got married close to her house. They got married in front of several familys and friends. Sort of a smaller wedding but not very small.
  • First kid

    First kid
    Travis and his wife Lyn-z had a baby girl. This day was also Labor Day. They named their baby girl Addy Ruth
  • Second kid

    Second kid
    Travis and Lyn-z gave birth to another child. Like before, Their second baby was a girl. They named their second baby girl Bristol.