The Life Of Jonny

By jsray5
  • Stage 1 Trust Vs Mistrust

    Jonny was in the kitchen when he faceplanted the hardwood floor immediately crying for help from his mother she rushed to his aid. The trust in this event is crying out for his mother to come to the rescue and asses the issue, having the trust fully reliant towards his mother in any harmful situation he may be in. The mistrust lies in the environment of the kitchen and the hardwood floor, as it caused Jonny great pain and discomfort. Which leads to him scared and staying away from the kitchen.
  • Stage 2 Autonomy Vs Shame And Doubt

    Today Jonny has a appointment, Jonny instinctively takes it upon himself to grab green socks, green shoes, blue shirt and red shorts his favorite. When his mother realizes the ridiculous mismatching combination, she asks him to pick something else or let me help you pick out your clothes. The Autonomy for Jonny was making the decisions on his outfit choice. While the shame and doubt came from his mother asking him or preoccupying him into changing his mind about his clothing choices he made.
  • Stage 3 Initiative Vs Guilt

    Today Jonny is playing house, he feels compelled and important as the role of father. He exerts his voice in a loud yell at one of his friends, insinuating not to touch a certain area, his mother yells across the way. Be nice Jonny don't be mean with your new friends, he quiets down and looks down. The Autonomy is his purpose/role as father in the activity. Jonny felt guilty when his mother yelled to him to be nice, which then Jonny felt guilt knowing he was not being nice to his friends.