George washington project

The Life Of George Washington.

  • birth

    george washington was born in westmoreland county, virginia.The father was agusta washington. The mother was Mary Ball.
  • death of his father

    death of his father
    his father died when he was 11. His father name was augusta. George and his father didi ever thing together. They would go to work together and play in the back yard sometimes when george wasnt taking care of the farm.
  • barbados

    George Washington went to barbados in 1751. It is an island located in the caribbean. It is 166 square miles and 21 miles long. it is also 14 miles wide. when he went he was exposed to smallpox.
  • french and indian war

    french and indian war
    The French and Indian war started in 1754. The year is the only thing that is known about the French and Indian war. Geroge Washington lead his troups through the snow and hot sun. It was a hard time for them. Geroge Washington was commander in chief.
  • Geroge Washington got married!

    Geroge Washington got married!
    George Washington got married. They did not have any kids.She was only 28 scientest estimated. She had kids already but George and her didnt.
  • boston massacare

    boston massacare
    The Boston Massacare happened in 1770.Five were killed by british men. It was between the colonies and britian.
  • Death of step daughter

    Death of step daughter
    The death of a his step daughter happened on the 1773 on june 19. It was Marthas only daughter. She died of an elpilic fit.Patsy was only 17 years old when she died.
  • President!

    Geroge Washington became president. He is the only president to recive a 100% electoral votes.He was the first president ever. George Washington was the greaest president ever.
  • relected

    George Washington was relected for president of the united states. He ran for another six years. He was the first president of the united states.He was a very good president.
  • geroge washingotn died

    geroge washingotn died
    Geroge Washington died in mount vernon virgina.He was 67 years old when he died.His face is on the one dollar bill. He died of a throat deisease.