Bush oval office

The Life of George W. Bush

  • Born

    - George W. Bush was born on July 6th, 1946 in New Haven, Conneticut. His parents names are Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce.
  • Period: to

    Bith- Recent

  • Family move to Midland,Texas

    At the age of 2 george and his family moved to Midland,Texas. Here is where George made his fortune in the oil buisness.
  • Move to Houston Texas.

    Move to Houston Texas.
    Upon moving George was sent to Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachutes. At the school he was a all-round state athlete, and a pretty good education; despite his small attitude of being a troublemaker.
  • Going to college at Yale University

    Going to college at Yale University
    With some help from his parents, George w. was able to get in to the University of Yale. Yale is a pretty prestigious school, so it was an honor to be accepted. While at Yale he became a very popukar person, getting elected president of the Delta Kappa Epsilon faternity. he was also involved in the sport of Rugby while at yale.
  • The Skull and Bones Society

    Keeping the tradition alive, george became of a member of Yale's secretive program; the Skull and Bones Society. the Skull and Bones Scoiety was a secretive invite-only club, which contains some of America's most powerful and elite family members.
  • Bush enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard

    Two weeks before his graduation from Yale University, he enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard.
  • George was accepted into the Texas Air National Guard

    They had a very long waiting list, but with the help of a friend of the family, he was able to get accpeted right away.
  • Fighter Pilot Certification

    Fighter Pilot Certification
    George was comissioned a second lieutenent. He also earned his Fighter Pilot Certification.
  • Discharged from the Air Force Reserve

    Discharged from the Air Force Reserve
    Although his attendence record was irregular and there were questions of whether he had fulfilled his military obligation, they honorably discharged him from the Texas National Air Force.
  • Earned masters of Buisness Degree at Harvard Buisness School

    Earned masters of Buisness Degree at Harvard Buisness School
    After Bush's guard duty, he decided to go back to school to further his education. he went to harvard Business School and later earned his Masters of Buisness Degree.
  • Met Laura Welch- his future wife

    After he recieved his masters degree in buisness, he returned to Midland and worked in the old oil company. he later started his own buisness oil company. One day her went to his friend's family barbeque,where he met Laura Welch. They stayed in Midland, Texas where George continued to work on his buisness.
  • Married Laura Welch

    Married Laura Welch
    After only a 3 year courtship, George proposed to Laura. And on November 5th, 1977 they were married.
  • Expecting Twins

    Expecting Twins
    In 1981, their two twin daughters, Barabra and jenna were born.
  • Sold the Oil Buisness

    Bush had to sell the oil buisness, because it was struggling. He sold it to the Harken Energy Corporation in exchange for stock. he also sold it for a seat on the board of directors. Also around this time he quit drinking and became more involved in his church.
  • Moved family to Washington,DC

    There was a reason George moved his family to DC. he moved them to DC because he wanted to help his father in the bid of the White House. At this time he continued to meet influencial people and participated in campainging activites.
  • Moved back to Texas and Invested in the Texas Rangers

    After his father won, he moved back to Texas. He also invested in the Texas Rangers baseball team. he soon became the group leader and made some good deals. This is how he recieved his reputation for a good buisnes reputation.
  • Campain against the democrat, Ann Richards

    Campain against the democrat, Ann Richards
    His main focus in this campain was crime reduction, the welfare and tort reform, and improving of education. The contest was tough, with the big competitions on homosexuality and financial issues. Bush won aganist Ann, and served as the state govenor of Texas for 4 years.
  • Began looking into presidency

    In 1999, George W. became very interested in the idea of becoming president. He encountered many small elections, before winning the place of the republican presidential nomination.
  • Presidential election of 2000

    Presidential election of 2000
    This election George W. Bush was aginst the democratic canidate, Al Gore. Some say this election was very intense. When it came down to the voting there was no cear winner. So, they went into the late night session. That next morning Bush had 246, and Gore had 255; but you need 270 to win. They took months, recounting and evaluating the votes. The US Supreme Court finally called it, declaring Bush as the winner.
  • Terrorists attack of 9/11

    Al Quada terrorists took control of four of the US commercial jet liners. 3 of the targets hit in New York, one crashed in a farmers field in Pennysilvania. Bush's administaration was acting fast, seeking to destroy Al Quada and all the others. They soon detected some of the Al Quada terrorists on a bug US Naval Base. many of the prisoners were interrigated, not taking any chances. In 2002, Bush sent out military forces to prevent threats from others.
  • Succcesful invasion of Iraq

    After bush sent weapon inspectors back to Iraq, Bush declared that the US had a succesul invasion of Iraq. The defeated the Iraqi military.
  • George W. Bush left the oval office

    George W. Bush left the oval office
    George left behind lots of unfinished buisness, and low approval ratings. Geourge and Laura settled in Dallas, Texas.