Buck title

The Life of Buck

By S18882
  • The Man in the Red Sweater

    The Man in the Red Sweater
    Buck is kidnapped from his home in the south by one of his families servants. He is taken to the house of a man in a red sweater. The man in the Sweater beat Buck. This is the begging of Bucks Adaptation. Here he begins to learn the law of Club and Fang.
  • The Frozen North

    The Frozen North
    Buck is taken to the north to the frozen land of Canda and Alaska. As soon as he gets off the boat he further understands the law of Club and Fang when his traveling companion, a dog named Curly, is attacked by a pack of dogs and is eaten alive. He is quickly purchased by a Canada Mail Runner. He quickly adapts to the situation learning how to pull a sled and how to dig a hole in the snow to sleep in.
  • The New Leader

    The New Leader
    Buck beings to understand and is now able to compete with Spitz for the leadership of the sled team. Buck has been adapting to his envirnment, he has became able to pull the sled without booties on his feet and has learn the craft of stealing. Buck now fights Spitz and takes over the role as the Leader of the Sled Team.
  • Everyday - The Same

    Everyday - The Same
    Buck is bought by a man that serves a large mail train. Buck is forced to once again rise to the Challenge. He quickly becomes a respected dog among all of the sleds in the train. He notices how everyday is almost the same exact routine.
  • The Cowboy

    The Cowboy
    After making one trip with the mail train, Buck gets a few days rest but not enough to completely recooperate. The train then decides they will set out, ane because Buck is in such bad condition at this point, he is sold to a Cowboy and his family that are planning ot move up to join the Ukon Gold Rush.This man is a very bad driver and doesnt not much about sleding as a whole. Buck is abused almost the whole time he is with them and almost their whole dog team dies.
  • Savior

    Buck and his team have been pushed hard for quiet a while and he is completely out of energy and hope when they run across a man named Thorton. At first Thorton just gives caution to the sled team but when they start to beat Buck because he will not continue, Thorton steps in and saves him. Thorton is a gentle man and treats Buck like he is a house dog, in return Buck does great thing for Thorton and is reverent and loving of him.
  • The Final Step

    The Final Step
    When Thorton is attacked and killed by Indians, Buck finally is realeased from his attachment to the humans and civilization and become a primitive beast. He revenges Thorton killing many Indians and then finds a pack of wolves which he joins them, ending the story, During his time with Thorton, Thorton notices that Buck has been running to the woods and returning several days later, the book talks aobut how Buck hears the "Calling" and eventually, after Thorton dies, follows it.