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The Life of Alexander Hamilton

By rcd0102
  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Alexander Hamilton was born on the date of January 11, 1755 in the West Indies British owned islands of Nevis through his parents James Hamilton and Rachel Lavien. Hamilton's father was of great Scottish ancestry and was a noble trader. His mother was of french ancestry. His mother was also married to another man at this time.
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    Lifespan of Alexander Hamilton

  • Moving to St. Croix

    Moving to St. Croix
    Alexander and his family move to the Danish Island of St. Croix. His father then leaves his family, and Alexander never sees him again. During this time, Britain had passed the Stamp Act that raised taxes for goods American Colonist used in order to help Britain pay off their war debts. This angered many of the American colonists including Alexander's friends and family.
  • The Death of His Mother

    The Death of His Mother
    Alexander's mother dies due to yellow fever. Alexander is also very sick at this time. He also nearly dies of a horrible medical disease.
  • Schooling in New Jersey

    Schooling in New Jersey
    A small group of locals provide funds to send Alexander to a grammar school in New Jersey. This school was known as King's College. It is know known as Columbia University.
  • Political Start

    Political Start
    Hamilton begins his studies in King College (Columnia University). During this time, Hamilton had also written his first poltical pamphlet, "A Full Vindication of the Members of Congress." This pamphlet authorized a trade boycott of England.
  • The American Revolutionary War

    The American Revolutionary War
    The first shots of the American Revolution are fired at the battles of Lexington and Cocord. Soon after this event, Alexander Hamilton joins the New York State provincial militia.
  • Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel

    Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel
    Alexander Hamilton had participated in the Battle of princeton during this time. A few months later, General George Washington promoted Alexander Hamilton to lieutenant colonel, and also made him aide-de-camp. Both of these men become very close as Alexander Hamilton aided General George Washington in running the American Revolution.
  • Battle of Monmouth

    Battle of Monmouth
    Alexander hamilton had participated in the Battle of monmouth. During the battle, alexander hamilton had his horse shot down from under him. These battles that Hamilton had participated in made him a efficient soldier and leader.
  • Recruiting Slaves For the Continental Army

    Recruiting Slaves For the Continental Army
    Alexander Hamilton had written a lettter to the President of the Continental Congress John Jay proposing an idea initiated by his aide John Laurens. The idea proposed in the letter stated that slaves should be recruited for the Continental Army in exchange for their freedom. Alexander Hamilton believed that owning or possesing slaves was immoral and a waste of true human potential.
  • Alexander Hamilton Marries Elizabeth Schuyler

    Alexander Hamilton Marries Elizabeth Schuyler
    Alexander Hamilton meets Elizabeth Schuyler, and they deeply fall in love. They then decide to marry each other.
  • Retirement From His Military Career

    Retirement From His Military Career
    Shortly after his success in the victory of Yorktown, he retired from his military career. He fad acheived much success as a soldier and a military leader.
  • Appointed to the New York Legislature

    Appointed to the New York Legislature
    Alexander Hamilton was appointed to the New York Legislature. A few monts later, he was appointed as a delegate to a convention in Annapolis. His third child was also born during this year.
  • The Constitutional Convention

    The Constitutional Convention
    Alexander Hamilton participated in the Constitutional Convention among many other delegates from other states; however, due to the lack of success he had hoped to achieve through the convention, he went to practice law in New York.
  • The Constitution

    The Constitution
    Alexander Hamilton and the other Federalists delegates are opposing those who declined the idea of the Constitution being passed. Through Hamilton's eloquent and powerful speech, he was able to get the Constitution passed once 11 of the thirteen colonies had ratified the document. The Constitution had become the governing document of the American colonies.
  • Secretary of Treasury

    Secretary of Treasury
    George Washington becomes the first President of the United States. He elects Alexander Hamilton to be the first Secretary of the Treasury. During this time, he devises a plan to restore the nation's poor financial situation.
  • First Report on the Public Credit

    First Report on the Public Credit
    During thids time, Alexander Hamilton had submitted his, "First Report on the PublicCredit." This was a argument for a federal assumption of all state debts in order to stimulate the economy.
  • The First National Bank

    The First National Bank
    Hamilton submitted a report to the House requesting a charter for a national bank. he believed that the idea of a national bank would increase the circulation of currency. He also believed that it would be able to financially aid the national government.
  • Political Rivalry

    Political Rivalry
    Jefferson, Madison and Edmuund Randolph oppose the idea of opening a national bank. They claimed it to be "unconstitutional." Hamilton was able to defend his idea, and George washington had passed this law. A political rivalry had stirred up, and the other group had been known as the Republicans from then on out. Competing for a New York senate seat were Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.
  • Political Retirement

    Political Retirement
    Alexander Hamilton submits his final finacial report, and retires from his political standpoint. Later in the month of February, Hamilton and his family move back to New York in order to go into the study of law again.
  • The Death of President George Washington

    The Death of President George Washington
    One of Alexander haamilton's closest friends George Washington passes away. During this same year, Hamilton's father dies, and the Hamilton's have a seventh child.
  • The Fateful Duel

    The Fateful Duel
    Tension grow between alexander hamiton and Aaron Burr. They decide to have a fateful duel with each other.
  • The Death of Alexander Hamilton

    The Death of Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton is mortally wounded in the duel against Aaon Burr. He will die the next day after suffering from physical agony.
  • Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Dollar Bill

    Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Dollar Bill
    Alexander Hamilton's face is printed on the $10 dollar bill due to his famous accomplishments such as setting p a federalist type government, and helping improve the nation's financial situation as the Secretary of the Treasury.
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    The Life of Alexander Hamilton

  • Our Government Today

    Our Government Today
    Alexander Hamilton imposed a Federalist system type government which is currently being used today.