The Life and Times of Charles Lindbergh

  • Charles A. Lindbergh is born

    Charles A. Lindbergh is born in Detroit, Michigan to Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. and Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh. Charles< his parents and three siblings move to Minnesota.
  • Period: to

    Charles Lindberghs life

  • Charles Lindbergh Sr. elected to US Senate.

    Charles Lindbergh Sr. is elected as a Minnesota state senator. This promps the familys move to Washington DC. Because of this, Charles Jr. frequently moved and became a shy reserved person. He remained a quiet person his whole life.
  • Starts College

    Charles graduates High School in Minnesota and enrolled at UW-Madison in the mechanical engineering program. His mohter moved to madiso with him and the lived in a house together off campus.
  • Leaves College

    After three semesters at UW-Madison, Charles leaves to enroll at Nebraska Standard Aircraft Corporation to become a pilot.
  • First Solo Flight

    In his first plane, an army surplus Curtiss he bought for $500, Chalres makes his first solo flight. No flying license was needed so his first flight was quite bumpy. he nearly broke the landing gear by taking off too soon but recovered and landed safely.
  • The Order is Placed for the Spirit of St. Louis

    Charles hired Ryan Aeronautical Co. in San Diego, Ca to build the plane for him. It was partially payed for my investors, but charles also took out a load in order to pay for the plane. The total cost came to $10,580.
  • Begins Solo Flight Across Atlantic Ocean

    He takes off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, New York with a small croud to see him off.
  • Completes Solo Flight Across Atlantic Ocean

    After 33 hours, 29 minutes in the air, Charles Lindbergh lands at Le Bourget airfield in Paris France. Charles flyes throught storms, battles fatigue and at times, struggles to find his way over the ocean.
  • Charles Lindbergh is Awarded the Orteig Prize.

    Raymond Orteig, a wealthy busiess man had offered $25,000 to the first pilot to fly non-stop across the Atlantic ocean alone. Charles collected the prize about a month after he landed in France.
  • First Child Born

    Charles Lindbergh Jr. is born
  • Baby Kidnapped

    Charles Lindberghs baby was kidnapped from their home in New Jersey. This prompted a 10 week nation wide search but nothing was found until a truck driver found the body 6 weeks later on the side of the road in New Jersey. The Kidnapper, Bruno Richard Haupptmann was caught and sentenced to the death penalty.
  • Second Child is Born

    Jon Lindbergh is born.
  • Third Child is Born

    Land Lindbergh is Born
  • Lindbergh is Awarded the German Eagle

    The German military gives Charles the award to recognize his contribution to aviation. CHarles accepts the award and receives lots of hate for supposedly agreeing to Nazi ideas. He deinied it but refused to return themedal stating "It seems to me that the returning of decorations, which were given in times of peace and as a gesture of friendship, can have no constructive effect." CHalres also cancelled plans to move to Germany after the ordeal over the medal.
  • Fourth Child is Born

    Scott Lindbergh is born.
  • Charles Lindbergh Dies

    Charles Lindbergh Dies of Lymphatic cancer in Maui, Hawaii. He had lived there for his final years peace away from his old busy life.