The Lif Of Khoa Do

  • Date Of Birth

    Khoa Do is born in his home town Ho Chi Min in the province of Saigon
  • Fleeing Vietnam

    Fleeing Vietnam
    Khoa and his family flee Vietnam after hearing about the execution of Christians in Vietnam
  • Graduation

    Khoa graduates from St Aloysius' College after receiving a scholarship to attend there.
  • AFI Award

    AFI Award
    Khoa receives an AFI award for his screenplay in Delivery Day
  • Independent Spirit Award

    Khoa Do received the IF Independent Spirit Award for his work in The Finished People
  • Young Australian Of The Year Award

    Young Australian Of The Year Award
    Khoa is titled Young Australian Of The Year, he was also awarded the Powerhouse Wizard Award
  • Phillip Parons Young Playwright Awaard

    Phillip Parons Young Playwright Awaard
    Khoa was awarded the Phillip Parsons Young Playwright's Award.
  • Mother Fish

    Mother Fish
    In 2009, he was awarded the DIGISPAA award for his film Mother Fish and also received the CRC Award for the same film at the Sydney Film Festival he also won prizes at the Orlando Film Festival, Canada International Film Festival and Vietnamese International Film Festival
  • Better Man

    Better Man
    Khoa Do has recently began working on a TV show called better man.