The Liberal Reforms

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In History
  • Trades Disputes act

    protected unions rights to strike
  • The education (provision of meals)act

    The first direct move to ease the suffering of deprived children came with the pasing of this act. The act enabeled LEAs to provide school meals for 'needy' children
  • The Peoples Budget (Lloyd George)

    Lloyd George's first Budget introduced a supertax on the income of the rich. a land tax and a road tax. It increased duties on petron, tobacco, and alchol and changed the rate of income tax- reducing it for lower incomes and increasing it for high incomes. The money rased wants to be used for old age pensions and armaments.
  • The Labour Exchanges Act (Churchill)

    Set up to make it easier for unemployed to get in touch with potential employers.
  • Old Age Pensions Act

    The pledge to introdude pensions made in Asquiths 1908 Budget was steered through parlament by Lloyd George and became law in 1909.
  • Trade Board Act (Churchill)

    Act to set up boards of officials to supervise pay and conditions and to set minimum wages in 'sweated industries' e.g. box making, tailoring and lace-making.
  • The Shops Act

    Entitled shop assisstants to one half-day off each week
  • The Parliament Act

    The product of the constitutional crisis arising from the Lords' rejection of the Peoples Budget, this act gave the Lords less power and prevented them from rejecting money Bills and allowed them to delay, not reject, legislation passed by the Commons, so long as it passed in three successive parliamentary sessions.
  • National Insurance Act

    2 separate parts- one dealt with Health insurance and was the responsibility of the Treasury
    The other part dealt with Unemployment insurance and was the responisibility of the Board of Trade
  • Further Mines Act

    Laid down regulations for training, safety measures and accident procedures.
  • Miners Minimum Wage Act

    This Act set up boards to grant minimum wages to miners on a distrit basis.