The last lecture, Randy Pausch, non-fiction, 206 pages

  • The last lecture, 18 pages, total 699 pages

    This man Randy Pausch was told he had 6 month to live because of cancer in his liver. This part tells mutiple storys about his life and how it realates andhelps him with his lecture. The first story was about how he persuaded his wife to letting him go say his lecture. She didnt want him to because she thought it could be time he could spend with her and his kids. The next one was about how he was a smart boy when he was young and was interesed in computers. The last story was about his speech.
  • The last lecture, 7 pages, total 706 pages

    This was a short chapter about his childhood and how his parents won the parent lottery. But he wasnt spoiled, he had a normal life. He loved his childhood! His dad died when he was young but taught him many lessons for life.
  • The last lecture, 7 pages, total 713 pages

    These two chapters were about how his parents let him paint his room with many things like an elevator or math equations. Also he wanted to float like the astronauts do but he never wanted to be a asronaut. So when he was older NASA had this thing where it felt like you were floating so he took his class (because he's a teacher) and went for a day and floated. He loved living out his childhood dream.
  • The last lecture, 15 pages, total 728 pages

    The first chapter told about how he was really good at football but never went to the NFL. The second one was about how he wrote a article for the World book and would show his kids alot. The third one was about how the actor who played his favorite super hero wanted to watch him to see how chemicals can react and with the class. The last chapter talked about how he would always win the big prizes and so he gave them out at his speech.
  • The last lecture, 17 pages, total 745 pages

    The first story is about how he got to live out his childhood dream and had the chance to watch the builders build a new ride for a paper he was going to write for work. The second story was about the day he was told about his cancer and how his wife and him spent the day at the water park before.The third one was about how his sister hit him with a lunch box and got sent to the principles but when they got home his uncle said it was his fault.
  • The last lecture, 15 pages, total 760 pages

    3 stories. First, was about how he was very close to his niece and nephew and would take them out ofter in their childhood and go do fun things. One time he got a new car and his sister told her kids to be careful in his car so he poured a pop on his backseat to show them it wasnt that big of a deal. The second story was about how he met his brick wall which was his wife and how they fell in love and got together. The last one was about how on their wedding day they went up in a hot air ballon.
  • The last lecture, 17 pages, total 777 pages

    4 stories. First, was Jai crashed the cars into eachother and when she told Randy he wasnt mad. Second, was about how the birth of their first son was on New years and it was a early birth but he was still heathy. Third, was about how he was going through his fathers stuff after he died and found he won this special award. Fourth, was about Jai and how at first she was obsessing over small things but stopped and started remembering all the good memories.
  • The last lecture, 17 pages, total 793 pages

    Four stories. First was about how he got pulled over for speeding and the cop asked him why he moved there and he told him about his cancer and jai"s family. At first he didnt believe him but then he saw the scars and let him walk free. The second story was about how once he was at the store anf it charged him since in the self check out lane but he dint want to wait to get all the money back on to his acount so he just let it go. The third story was about how he taught his students how to judge
  • The last lecture, 17 pages, total 793 pages, continued

    themselves. the last story was about how he knew this guy who wanted to work with the people from the star wars movie byt Randy thought it was stupid. He later realized it wasnt stupid because the guy was falling one of his childdhood dreams just like Randy did for that Disney experience and flying thing too. Also, all these stories were tellling differnt storie he lived by.
  • The last lecture, 23 pages, total 816 pages, 121-144

    There was many stories in this area. For example, one of the stories talks about how his father would take lots of pictures of certain things and also would save newspaper letters for Randy because he was so interested in science. Another story was about all the differnet times he has been to Disney world and how much he loves it there. One story was about his father and how much he loved him and all the fun things he would let him do.
  • The last lecture, 43 pages, total 859 pages, 145-188

    This big section of the book was all about the advise he gave his students. Also its about how his work has helped many of his students go far in life. One of his students had a career as a Disney engineer and Randy helped her alot with her career and took her far in life.
  • The last lecture, 17 pages, total 887 pages, 189-206

    The end couple of chapters were about his kids and wife and how he feels bad for leaving them father less. Also it talks about all the good times he has had with them and how he is going to miss them.