John lennon 1

The John Lennon´s history

  • Born of Jonh Lennon

    He born in England, Liverpool.
    The real name is John Winston Lennon
  • Became superstar

    He was 15 year old creat her first band
  • the firts band

    the first band on Jond called Quarry Men
  • Her first concert

    the first concert by summerin the band Quarrymen
  • The Beatles

    the new name for the band
  • A new integral

    the new integral the drummer Ringo Starr
  • John met Yoko Ono

    John met Yoko Ono in Indica Gallery de Londres
  • A song for his mother

    he was 27 years old wrote a song dedicated to his mom died
  • the marriage of John and Yoko

    John marred with joko Ono
  • The son of John

    The son of John is called Sea Lennon
  • Played her record Double Fantasy

    Long Play record "Double Fantasy"
  • The died of Jonh Lennon

    Mark Chapman asks for an autograph but he shoots 5 times and dies. The next day is announced globally