The Industrial Revolution

  • 1755, first steam engine

    the first steam engine is debatably one of the most important inventions of the industrial revolution, even though they are mostly used as family attractions, they were once very very important, they helped move materials for building and provided a fast form of transportation and excelled the use of coal causing more jobs to be formed and more people being employed and leading a slightly more succesful life.
  • Telegraph

    the telegraph can be considered as the old style telephone, as it did a less advanced version of what a telephone would do, the telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse and could send messages to 2000 feet away, messages were created by someone on the other end pressing a button in a specific pattern to say what they wanted to, this was later called morse code and can still be used today.
  • Sewing Machine

    The sewing machine really got the industrial revolution going because it started making masss production of clothing possible, but it also put alot of people out of jobs because less people were needed to manufacture clothes and also needed new people who knew how to operate the machines, it made clothes cheaper but jobs more scarce.
  • Microphone was invented

    the microphone is quite a significant invention, all though it was nt as big when the industrial revolution was going, it has now bewcome something that almost everybody that is a well known personal uses, it had been adapted to many different forms and was first invented by Emile Berliner for Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.