The History Of The United Kingdom

  • 600 BCE


    It was the first language that talk in Great britain
  • 55 BCE


    In 55BC there was an invasion by the Romans who spoke Latin.
    They gave Latin names to places and some of these names are still used today.
  • 450

    The english language appears

    Is the language that more people speaks in the UK
  • 450

    The anglo-saxons

    The first people who spoke English
    conquered England in about the Year 450.
    These people were known as Anglo-Saxon
    and their language is also often called
    Anglo-Saxon or Old English.
  • Period: 450 to 1150

    Old English

  • 800

    The Vikings

    From about 800 the Vikings started to invade Britain.
    The Vikings came from countries like Denmark and
    Norway and spoke a language which later developed
    into Norwegian and Danish
  • 1066

    The Normans

    In 1066 Normans invaded England from Normandy in France.
    They spoke an earlier version of French and this became the high status language in England.
  • Period: 1150 to 1500

    Middle English

    There were no more invasions of England and gradually English took over again from French. The English spoken around this time is called Middle English.
  • Period: 1500 to

    Modern English

    William Shakespere was the creator of the Modern English
  • Kingdom of Scotland

    Kingdom of Scotland was created in the 1707
  • Kingdom of England

    Kingdom of England was created in the 1707
  • Kingdom of Ireland

    Kingdom of Ireland was created in the 1801
  • Great Britain incorporates Ireland

    The Act of Union incorporates Ireland into Britain, creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  • British occupy Cape Colony

    The British occupy Cape Colony in South Africa.
  • the first dictionary

    John Pickering compiles the first dictionary of Americanisms
  • Noah Webster publishes his American Dictionary

    Noah Webster publishes his American Dictionary of the English Language
  • Most of Ireland left

    Most of ireland left in 1922