The History of the Telephone

By 895339
  • 1995 Cell Phone

    1995 Cell Phone
    In 1995 mobile cell phones used to look like this, huge in size and with a pretty long anttena.
  • 1996 Cell Phone

    1996 Cell Phone
    In 1996, mobile phones became a little more defined and better looking than how they were before.
  • 1997 Cell Phone

    1997 Cell Phone
    In 1997, the antennas vanished from the mobile phones, giving an improved look than how it was before.
  • 1998 Cell Phone

    1998 Cell Phone
    1998 mobile phones changed the typical color of black to vibrant color cases instead.
  • 1999 Cell Phone

    1999 Cell Phone
    In 1999, mobile phones were given a more compact look.
  • 2000 Cell Phone

    2000 Cell Phone
    In 2000, the worlds first touchscreen phone came out.
  • 2001 Cell Phone

    2001 Cell Phone
    2001 was the birth year of the worlds first monochromatic display cell phone, and with that we wave goodbye to the old and boring black display.
  • 2002 Cell Phone

    2002 Cell Phone
    In 2002, technology made another huge change in the history of mobile phones, putting a great full color display and integrating camera to mobile phones, producing thre worlds first camera cell phone.
  • 2003

    In 2003, the clam shell phone very much like the samsung S300 above was introduced.
  • 2004 Cell Phone

    2004 Cell Phone
    2004 gave rise to the one of the slimmest cell phone of the time, created by Motorola.
  • 2005

    In 2005 Sony unveiled the worlds first walkman phone, and w800i was truly an awesome phone definitive of the series.
  • 2006 Cell Phone

    2006 Cell Phone
    In 2006, mobile phones were transforming with into a stylish gadget.
  • 2007 Cell Phones

    2007 Cell Phones
    In 2007, Apple Inc. unveiled the Apple Iphone which was the worlds first advanced touchscreen smartphone.
  • 2008 Cell Phone

    2008 Cell Phone
    In 2008, as dependence on the laptop as a neccesary tool for work increase, mobile phones undergo transformation to become the device to have with you on-the-go.